New Fiery Chicken Wraps and Nuggets coming to Burger King

Burger King is turning up the heat with a pair of new items, Fiery Buffalo Royal Chicken Wraps and Fiery Buffalo Chicken Nuggets.
Million Dollar Whopper Contest - credit: Burger King
Million Dollar Whopper Contest - credit: Burger King /

If you read our recent news about Sonic Drive-In, then you are aware that chicken snack wraps are the new “it” item in the world of fast food. Everyone is either introducing them to their menu or trying a new spin on them. Burger King falls into the latter category. 

It seems like the Home of the Whopper is taking a throw everything against the wall and see what sticks approach to their menu as of late. And that apparently includes adding as much heat to as many foods as possible. 

Last month Burger King announced a new Fiery version of their Big Fish Sandwich which turned up the heat for lent. Now they have announced a spicy new addition in the form of a couple of new chicken items. And yes, one is a chicken wrap. 

The new Fiery Chicken Wrap and Nuggets are now available at Buger King nationwide. 

First up is the Fiery Buffalo Royal Chicken Wrap, which is an awfully long name for a fast food item. It includes a crispy white meat chicken breast coated in a Buffalo glaze as well as a Buffalo sauce. It is then wrapped up in a warm tortilla with tomato and lettuce. 

Fiery Buffalo Chicken Nuggets are exactly what they sound like. White meat chicken nuggets that have been slathered in a spicy Buffalo glaze for maximum heat while your mouth bursts into flame. 

Both new items carry a price of $2.99, which is a pretty good deal. As we mentioned before, if you got these at Wendy's you could plan on paying anywhere between $3 and $30, depending on the time of day you went there. 

Both Fiery Buffalo Royal Chicken Wraps and Fiery Buffalo Chicken Nuggets will be available at Burger King locations nationwide starting March 7 for a limited time. 

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