OREO Mint Chip makes its way from the freezer aisle to the cookie aisle

From cookie to ice cream and back to cookie. And so, the circle of life continues.
Mint Chip Flavor Creme OREO - credit: OREO
Mint Chip Flavor Creme OREO - credit: OREO /

OREO flavors as of late have gone a little wild. We had some Sour Patch Kids OREOs, and Star Wars OREOs that kept the color secret until you opened the package. So it’s nice to see the brand is playing it cool for the summer with Mint Chip, which A) sounds great, and B) expands on what the cookie line-up already has on offer.

Here’s the official description of the product, via PR from Oreo provided to Guilty Eats:

“A freezer aisle staple is coming to the cookie aisle! Hitting shelves this July, OREO Mint Chip chocolate sandwich cookies are a tasty twist on a beloved ice cream flavor. Fans can celebrate the taste of summer with a refreshing, mint chip flavor creme with chocolatey chips sandwiched between two signature OREO chocolate cookies with a waffle cone embossment. The limited-edition cookie will be available nationwide, while supplies last.

So yeah, basically the already available OREO Mint cookies, with the addition of chips to the creme, plus a waffle design on the cookie. No extra sprinkles, or popping crystals, or secret colors… Just a little bit added to a cookie everyone already knows and loves.

It’s also, as OREO mentions, a nice extension of their ice cream line, which itself expanded back for St. Patrick’s Day.While OREO has been in freezers at supermarkets and big box stores for years now, in March they added Mint ice cream products including tubs of ice cream, bars, and sandwiches. Also, to clarify, I’m using the term “ice cream” for ease, but technically what OREO is putting on shelves is a “frozen dairy dessert base.” That all has to do with how the FDA categorizes things based on milk content and whatnot, which doesn’t really matter to you, a person who eats ice cream, so basically skip this paragraph, and let’s move on.

One point of clarification, though: the ice cream is OREO Mint, which includes chunks of OREOs. This is OREO Mint Chip, which includes chocolate chips. Totally different flavor, wink, wink.

While no specific date for the OREO release was mentioned, it will be hitting stores next week. Given the week starts with July 1, 2024, and the brand does say it’ll be “hitting shelves this July,” I’d recommend obsessively checking your supermarket’s shelves for the new OREOs every day, starting on Monday. I mean, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m a normal person who does normal things.

Fingers crossed these are successful, and we get OREO Ice Cream flavored OREOs next, for ultimate OREO inception.

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