Sonic Groovy Fries with Sauce review: Crinkle cut goodness!

Groove is in the fries.
Groovy Fries with Sauce - credit: Sonic
Groovy Fries with Sauce - credit: Sonic /

The summer break season is off to a groovy start thanks to Sonic Drive-In. You know it’s going to be a good summer when fast-food chains and restaurants start rolling out new menu items. Many of our favorites even got a headstart! Panda Express is now serving a hot new dish for guests who want something bolder than the Orange Chicken. And most recently, Sonic Drive-In has released Groovy Fries, new fries that have us reevaluating our Fast Food Fries ranking

If you stop by Sonic, you’re likely there for a drink and snack. I’m willing to bet that, more often than not, the snack is a large portion of your favorite Sonic fries (taters count, too). And sippin’ and snackin’ at Sonic just got better as the iconic drive-thru chain announced on June 3 that its Groovy Fries and Groovy Sauce will be available for just $1, no matter what size you order. This offer is nationwide, but it’s only here for a limited time while supplies last. How long do you have to snack on $1 Groovy Fries? All month of June 2024. 

After learning about this offer, I patiently waited for lunch and quickly headed to my local Sonic for a large order of Groovy Fries. In one word: Delicious! In a few more words: Get them crispy! 

Sonic shared in the news release that the Groovy Fries are crispy on the outside, featuring a crinkle cut that help the fry gather as much sauce as possible when dipped. The inside of the Groovy Fries are soft, Sonic teased. However, when I ordered my fries, they were not nearly as crispy as I was hoping. The trick is to ask for the fries to be “extra crispy.” Try it, you won’t be disappointed. 

The second batch of Groovy Fries I received was perfection! Fries NEED to have a crispy exterior for that necessary crunch that cuts into the fluffy center which blends with the sauce. It’s an experience. Speaking of sauces, Sonic has paired the release of the Groovy Fries with a new sauce called Groovy Sauce. If you love mixing ranch and sriracha, you’ll love the Groovy Sauce because that’s what it is. 

The fact that I only paid $1 for these fries (or $2 technically, if you count my first not-so-crispy order) made them taste even better. Optional: For a bonus level of deliciousness, make sure you get a packet of salt and pepper to add to the Groovy Fries. 

If you have tried the Groovy Fries from Sonic, let us know: Do you prefer them over Sonic Drive-In’s regular fries?

A. Fried to perfection, these are giving the Sonic tots a run for their money.. . Sonic Groovy Fries. Sonic Groovy Fries

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