New Blizzard treat flavors satisfy overwhelmed parents sweet cravings


Responsibilities make parents stressed out and they crave a sweet treat to unwind. New Blizzard treat flavors offer a retreat from the stress.

For kids, summer is filled with carefree days. But, parents are stressed out. Shuffling kids to activities, planning vacations and daily responsibilities become overwhelming. According to a Dairy Queen commissioned survey, the majority of parents crave a sweet treat when they are stressed. DQ wants parents, actually the whole family, to take a break from the summer chaos with its new Blizzard treat flavors.

The DQ survey reports that parents occasionally hide to take a break. From the closet to the bathroom, a retreat can give parents the chance to recharge. According to Barry Westrum, executive vice president of Marketing for American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ), “Summertime can mean added stress for parents. The local DQ store is the perfect place to slow down for the family, with a treat for the kids and a retreat for the parents.”

As a child, I couldn’t wait to take a special summer visit to Dairy Queen. In my area, the re-opening of the local DQ signaled school was almost over. My parents would take me to get a hand-dipped cone to celebrate the start of summer vacation. Sitting on a bench, eating ice cream with my parents is a memory that I cherish.

Now, I’m the parent and I long for those simple summer days. Summer camps, playdates, vacations and all the daily chores can make a long summer day seem way to short. But, everyone needs a break sometimes. An hour enjoying a frozen dessert with my kids is much deserved break.

New Blizzard treat flavors, photo from Business Wire press release

Beginning on June 26, Dairy Queen will introduce two new Blizzard treats, Frosted Fudge Brownie Blizzard Treat and Salted Caramel Blondie Blizzard Treat. These two new flavors blend the DQ vanilla soft serve with delicious baked goods. The creamy soft serve holds chewy brownies and blondies. Fudge and caramel swirls in sweetness while the praline pieces add crunch. Who wouldn’t feel less stressed after a spoonful?

The Frosted Fudge Brownie Blizzard Treat and Salted Caramel Blondie Blizzard Treat will be available in four sizes. Available at participating Dairy Queen and DQ Grill & Chill®, these Blizzard treats will be offered for a limited time.

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Time to take a break. Indulge in those sweet cravings with one of the new Blizzard treat flavors and watch the stress melt away.

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