Breaking down the astonishing math of the man who has eaten 30,000 Big Macs


Many of us love a Big Mac now and then, but one McDonald’s fan enjoys them so much he’s eaten 30,000 of them. And that’s in the space of 46 years.

Dan Gorske has met another impressive and astonishing McDonald’s milestone. After already becoming the Guinness World Record holder for the most amount of Big Macs eaten ever, he’s now eaten his 30,000th burger. This is in the space of 46 years, and he opted to eat in the same restaurant as he did back in 1972 when he consumed his first ever Big Mac.

Gorske admits that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder, which will certainly play a part in this milestone. What is impressive is the math taken to reach this point.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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To eat 30,000 Big Macs in the space of 46 years, he’d have to eat 652 per year. Considering there are only 365/366 (depending on leap years) days in a year, he’d have to eat almost two Big Macs a day. The math breaks it down to 1.786 Big Macs per day on average.

Gorske has only missed eight days of eating Big Macs because of bereavement or due to adverse weather. That’s impressive itself, let alone when you consider the rest of the math to reach the 30,000 point.

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He’s consumed 6,000+ lbs of beef, which is the equivalent of 10 cows on average. That’s also 16.89 million calories consumed in the 46 years—there are 563 calories in one Big Mac with the works and that’s not including the fries and drink!

It’s worth noting that the Michael “Jim” Delligati, the man who created the Big Mac, only ate one of his creations a week! Gorske is a bigger fan than the creator himself!

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Here’s to another milestone, Dan Gorske. Do what you love and don’t let anyone put you down!