Californians to see cancer warning signs on their coffee


A judge in California has ruled that all coffee roasters and retailers are to be labeled their coffee with cancer warning signs.

Earlier this year the world was a bit stunned to learn that a court ruling was underway over the issue of coffee roasters and retailers warning their customers by labeling their coffee about the risk of cancers. That ruling has been decided by the judge ruling in favor of labeling all coffee with the warning label.

This was brought to the attention of the court by a nonprofit organization. Sueing approximately 90 coffee companies under the state law that requires warning on products and in places where chemicals are used that can potentially cause cancer.

(Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)

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The coffee industry never denied the fact this chemical existed but argued that the risk outweighed the potential benefits of drinking coffee and that the chemical itself was at a harmless level.

Superior Court Judge Berle ruled, which was published on Monday, that Starbucks and other retailers could not show that the benefit of drinking coffee outweighed the risk of consuming the possible cancer casing by-product.

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This ruling now clears the way for either warning labels to be added, warning customers fo the potential risk, or removing the by-product in question altogether. The case has been ongoing for almost eight years now and only time will tell if this ruling is the end of it or if it will go on further.

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What are your thoughts on this ruling? Do you think this will spread further than California? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.