9 disgusting food combinations that are just mind boggling


Some foods just don’t belong together. In fact, it’s mind-boggling to know some people not only created them but ate them as well. Here are 9 such disgusting food combinations.

Prepare yourself. You are about to witness the creation of food combinations that should never have been created. These 9 disgusting food combinations really do make you wonder what was going through someone’s mind when they created them.

From an avocado latte to a chocolate pickle. It is a list that will make you gasp, laugh and question the very nature of humanity.

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So here we go, say hello to 9 disgusting foods that are just, mind-boggling, scratch your head combinations.

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1: Banana, ham, and hollandaise

Now don’t worry, if you are not a fan of hollandaise, you can also swap it out for cheese. Or, you can just not make this, this….thing.

2: The Chickle

A combination of Nashville pulled chicken stuffed inside a giant dill pickle. Yup, you read that one right. Nashville chicken, yup sounds great. Dill pickle, they’re ok. Put them together, hell no!

3: Salt and vinegar chips covered in melted blue cheese and Parmesan, topped with sprayable balsamic vinegar.

Hmmm, doesn’t that sound just great. Just what you want on your chips. Plenty of salt and vinegar along with two different types of cheese and even more vinegar. It looks great too, I’m being sarcastic by the way.

"Salt and vinegar chips covered in melted blue cheese and Parmesan, topped with sprayable balsamic vinegar. from shittyfoodporn"

4: Avocado latte

Avocado seems to be popping up everywhere right now. Now while I have no problem with the fruit being added to every other recipe, it is a really healthy food for you, after all, I draw the line at Avocado lattes.

5: Popcorn and ketchup wrap

I honestly don’t get this one. Weird food combination aside what I don’t get the most is why the wrap? Why not just have the popcorn in the bag or box and just pour ketchup on the top? There was no need to make this combination any weirder by adding the wrap.

6: Chocolate covered pickles

Now I need to set the record straight on this one. If you follow Guilty Eats on Facebook you may have already seen this video. A few people thought this creation belonged to me. No. No way in hell am I making chocolate covered pickles.

Chocolate Covered Pickles

We can see these at your next BBQ.

Posted by Spoon University on Thursday, May 17, 2018

7: Hot dog cereal

Somewhere, there is a big kid out there eating this. Honestly who else would put cereal on top of a hot dog?

8: Broccoli and wotsits

Now to be fair, this is technically just broccoli and cheese. However, I am not quite sure it would have quite the same taste. It might, but I really don’t fancy testing it out.

9: Peanut butter on a hamburger

What is probably the most popular food on the planet, I don’t think many of us will be adding some peanut butter to our hamburger. Hamburgers are awesome, you can have lots of different varieties of them. But peanut butter is not one of them.

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So first of all, have you tried any of these food combinations? Will you be trying any of them now? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.