Do you really want to know what’s in your hot dog?


It’s summer and that means lighting up the BBQ. Hot dogs are popular, but do you know what really goes into them? Do you really want to know?

The summer weather is finally here and people around the country are lighting up their BBQs. Of course, hot dogs are going to be on the menu, right? Now the big question is what really goes into the dogs. Do you really want to know? It turns out more than 40% of Americans really don’t, according to a report from Applegate.

It’s really not that surprising people don’t want to know. The minute you start finding out what goes into your food, the minute you don’t enjoy it that much, right? However, learning the truths about your food will help you make better choices—you can still enjoy your hot dogs but find better options.

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Are hot dogs even healthy?

Did you know just more than 33% of Americans will stay away from hot dogs completely because they’re viewed as unhealthy options? There’s a view that all hot dogs are made of artificial ingredients, chemicals, and low qualities meats.

And yes, some are.

However, not all hot dogs are the worst thing for you! It will depend on the company and where you get your dogs from. Specially selected beef and pork trimmings are usually broken down and processed together. If you get the dogs from the butchers, you’ll find the processing is much healthier for you than the store-bought products that have extra artificial ingredients thrown in.

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In fact, these simpler hot dogs without all the extra ingredients are the most popular. Americans are six times more likely to eat simpler-ingredient hot dogs compared to the ones packed with chemicals and artificial colors, according to the same report.

While hot dogs tend to be worse than cooking steaks, chicken breasts, and other whole meats like that, you can still enjoy a guilty pleasure n the sun now and then.

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Do you enjoy a hot dog? Where do you get yours from? Share in the comments below.