What exactly are coffee husks?


You may have heard recently that coffee husks are worth more than coffee itself. Just what are the husks and what do they mean for you?

Coffee husks are rising in popularity. They’re getting so popular that coffee bean farmers are now keeping them to make more profit in their product. You may have heard of the likes of Starbucks creating a syrup made from the coffee husks to create a more authentic and delicious flavor, which is why the value of husks is rising.

But what are coffee husks? What do they offer for your coffee and why do you need them?

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Coffee husks also known as coffee chaff

The husk is also referred to as coffee chaff and is the dried skin of the bean. During the roasting process, the husk falls off and has usually been left behind; often used for fertilizer or just thrown away with the rest of the trash. It is viewed as a waste product for many, until the popularity of using the husks for other reasons.

There’s no way around having a husk left from the coffee. Well, unless we all stop drinking coffee and that’s not going to happen!

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Using husks for fertilizer

One of the most common uses for coffee husks is to make them into a fertilizer. Because they’re organic, they can be added to compost to turn into a nutrient-filled product that can be used for vegetation and plants.

However, the husks can also be turned into a bedding for some pets and chickens. It’s popular for some farmers to create an organic option that breaks down slowly.

Starbucks has started to turn the husks into Cascara syrup. Other coffee shops are starting to follow suit and it is becoming a popular topping for those who want something a little sweeter without the excess artificial sugars. It helps to bring a natural coffee taste to complement your beverages. This is the reason for the growing value of coffee husks.

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Do you buy Cascara syrup? Have you used coffee husks for other needs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.