Greggs introducing vegan option: What can you get?


Greggs may be known for its sausage rolls and steak bakes, but it’s moving with the wish of the customers. Vegan options are coming to chains around the UK.

Many people will know Greggs for two things: their steak bakes and their sausage rolls. Okay, there are other items that people go in for, but the two pastries are, by far, the most popular. The downside is the lack of vegan options in the stores. That’s all going to change from next month.

Greggs is in the middle of rolling out its vegan line in the UK. And this isn’t just about one measly choice that doesn’t even look appealing. The vegan menu is going to be the healthiest option available and already sounds tasty.

(Photo illustration by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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The aim is to create a broad appeal. This isn’t just to aim at the vegan market, but to offer a wider variety of healthier options. After all, a vegan lifestyle done right is one of the healthiest lifestyles around, right?

While there will be a range of vegetable sticks on offer, Greggs is bringing in a Mexican bean wrap. It will be filled to the brim with salad, a bean salad, and delicious dressing. The images of it from Plant Based News look mouth-watering.

There will also be a range of vegetarian and vegan pasta and salad options.

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The UK is seeing a huge shift in the food people consume. Jamie Oliver and other chefs have helped to push for more healthy options in schools and restaurants. That shift is now being seen in fast food joints, as more people want to lose weight and live a better life. The vegan options from Greggs will definitely help you to do that but without sacrificing taste.

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Will you try the new vegan options from Greggs? Do you wish more fast food joints would offer these types of options? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The vegan options are coming to Greggs from June 14, 2018.