Krispy Kreme is taking over Pret a Manger and already making employees happier


Pret a Manger is changing hands but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Krispy Kreme is already showing how it intends to treat employees.

Pret a Manger is being acquired by JAB Holdings, which is also the company that owns Krispy Kreme. Don’t worry; this isn’t a bad thing for the British chain. For once corporate takeover is going to completely work in favor of the employees. All those who currently work for the chain, regardless of the length of time, will get £1,000 extra when the deal goes through. This is one we really want to work out.

It’s a shame Pret a Manger hasn’t made its way over to the States yet, but maybe this deal will help that happen. In the UK, it’s a highly popular place for sandwiches and cookies. There’s a good range of ready-to-eat meals, making it a delicious way to spend a quick lunch hour.

(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

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What the takeover will exactly mean for the British chain isn’t clear. JAB Holdings hasn’t mentioned whether it plans on closing any stores. There’s also no clue on whether any of the other companies’ products will move into the various stores around the country. Will there be another place to buy Krispy Kreme donuts in the UK? Will Peet’s Coffee & Tea products now be available? How about Stumptown Coffee instead or Panera Bread for the sandwiches.

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Employees had no idea that the stores had been sold to JAB. However, they’re not exactly complaining about the windfall and they don’t expect their jobs to change. This must hint at none of the businesses closing.

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Do you work for Pret a Manger? What do you think about this corporate takeover? Share your thoughts in the comments below.