Starbucks gets into the Supernatural spirit at SPNPITT


Supernatural fans are gathering in Pittsburgh for their official convention and a local Starbucks is certainly getting into the SPNFamily spirit.

Never overlook the chance to get into the spirit of a TV fandom. Starbucks is jumping at the chance with the current Supernatural convention taking place in Pittsburgh this weekend. It’s even more special as it’s the last SPNPITT, at least for the foreseeable future.

For those who have never seen the series, Supernatural is about two brothers who hunt monsters, ghosts, creatures, and other evils in the world. Sometimes they even come across normal humans who are worst than some of the supernatural monsters and demons! One of the characters, Dean, has a major fondness for pie. He’ll eat any type of pie going—and no, cake is not a good enough substitute.

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Starbucks’ marketing team must have a Supernatural fan onboard. One con attendee snapped a photo of the latest chalkboard marketing, highlighting “Dean’s strawberry pie frappuccino.” It’s not entirely clear on the number of fans jumping at the chance to try it, but it’s certainly been a positive marketing campaign for those just passing by.

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(Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)

On top of making it Dean’s drink, the anti-possession tattoo has been drawn on the board.

The downside to this campaign is that Dean would never drink the fruity coffees. He’s always made fun of Sam’s habit of ordering something other than just plain coffee, but for the fun of the pie, the fans can get onboard this once. The one thing to come from this is that Starbucks at least knows its current audience at SPNPITT and is getting plenty of free advertisement because of it.

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Are you currently attending Supernatural’s SPNPITT? What do you think of Starbucks’ marketing campaign at the event? Share your thoughts in the comments below.