IHOb rebrand sparks a burger chain Twitter war


IHOP has undergone a rebrand, changing the “P” to a “b,” but the recently rebranded IHOb has not gone well in the eyes of other burger chains.

The International House of Pancakes is no more. Rebranded to IHOb, International House of Burgers, the move has sparked a Twitter war between other burger chain restaurants that, quite honestly, is freaking hilarious.

Shortly after confirming that the rebranded “b” stood for burgers, Twitter blew up over the name. Burger chain Wendy’s was one of the first in to take to Twitter and they held nothing back on what they thought about a pancake business moving into the burger business.

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Others jumped in afterwards as well, but the best reaction has been IHOb itself. Taking the criticism in their stride and keeping their cool, they responded to the snarky tweets perfectly.

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This was only the beginning. Soon after the Tweets commenting about the quality of IHOb burgers, A&W announced they were following in the steps of IHOb and making similar changes to their logo as well.

The best thing about all of this is nobody has actually made any comment on what IHOb’s burgers are actually like. Everyone is commenting on how they could make burgers, altering their own logos, or begging their own burger chain not to change. We are still waiting on the most important fact. Are they any good?

Hopefully someone will come out soon and let it be known if they are any good or not but for now, we can all enjoy the Twitter war that is unfolding between the burger chains.

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What do you make of all this? Were you wondering what was going on when it was all happening? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.