McDonald’s have lost it, they are removing the ice-cream sundae from the menu!


Just in time for the summer heat wave, McDonald’s have announced they are to remove their classic ice-cream sundae from the menu. What on earth are they thinking?

Oh, this is so not cool. McDonald’s has decided that the ice-cream sundae will no longer be a staple choice on the McDonalds’s menu, and I don’t mean they are no longer advertising the dessert; they are flat out removing it from the menu.

That’s right, at the peak time of summer, so when nobody wants to buy an ice-cream…., McDonald’s have chosen to remove the ice-cream sundae from the menu.

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Now the good thing is it only looks to be affecting McDonald’s branches in Ireland. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be making its way over here. It very well might, so don’t be surprised if all of a sudden a sundae is no longer available on the menu.

McFlurry’s are still available however so that’s always a plus but it looks like they are going to be getting smaller than usual so that is another kick in the groin. But at last, they are not removing them completely.

The strangest thing is the fact they are doing this at the beginning of the summer. I could understand the removal of the item in the winter, not many people purchase ice-cream at that time of the year so it would make perfect sense, but why on earth the summer?

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Understandably people are reacting badly to the news and quite honestly I don’t blame them for that. I just hope it doesn’t stretch further than Ireland.

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What do you make of the news? Can you fathom a reason behind the McDonald’s logic? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.