Taco Bell is FINALLY bringing back nacho fries this summer


We’ve got great news for your taste buds, as those delicious nacho fries Taco Bell used to sell are finally going to be coming back for the summer of 2018.

Although Taco Bell has released all kinds of tasty limited-time menu choices over the years, one of the most popular of them all would be their Nacho Fries. Released just this year in January, the delicious snack would become the company’s highest-selling debut item in Taco Bell’s history. Needless to say, it was a sad day when the Nacho Fries were taken down from the restaurant’s menu.

Given the snack food’s popularity, we figured the Nacho Fries would be back sooner or later. Sure enough, Refinery29 reports Taco Bell has officially announced the “summer sequel” return of the popular menu item. The Nacho Fries will return to the restaurant’s menu beginning on July 12.

If you’re one of the few who didn’t try these the first time they were around, you definitely should this time. Perfectly seasoned with just the right thickness, the fries dip so well into that liquid cheese and truly taste amazing. I never imagined the day Taco Bell would have fries on the menu I wouldn’t be able to resist, but here we are!

Sadly, it will only be for a limited time (again)

Like before, the Nacho Fries will only be around for a limited time, but it’s not specified when exactly they’ll be going away. I’ll be buying them up every chance I get and I hope many of you do the same. After all, another successful run will get us closer to keeping Nacho Fries around on a permanent basis.

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It’s also noted that the Nacho Fries will be slightly more expensive this time around, too. Previously selling for just one dollar, they’ll be selling this summer for $1.29. Additionally, the Supreme version sells for $2.49 and the Bell Grande for $3.49 if you’ve got an appetite. It’s a few dimes higher, but it’s still worth it if you ask me.

Thank Demolition Man for their return

Apparently, Taco Bell is releasing the Nacho Fries to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Sylvester Stallone film Demolition Man. That film takes place in an alternate future in which Taco Bell is the only surviving restaurant chain. Perhaps that’s not quite what happened in real life, but the company is still choosing to celebrate with the return of a hot menu item.

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Are you excited to taste the Nacho Fries once again? Do you have yet to try them? Share your thoughts on this tasty snack in the comments section below!