KFC Zinger Double Down will set you on fire!

Coming to the menu is the KFC Zinger Double Down and if you are a fan of spice this is for you, because it will set you on fire.

Spice is nice to some people, not me I’m afraid, but if you are a massive fan of everything that comes with spice then you will want to keep an eye out on the KFC Zinger Double Down. It’s guaranteed to set your mouth on fire.

The KFC Zinger Double Down will feature two fiery-hot Zinger chicken fillets, melted cheese, hot salsa, pepper mayo and the ultimate Double Down’s signature crispy bacon.

Annoyingly it will not be added to the KFC menu anytime soon. It will hit the fast food restaurant in the UK & Ireland first on August 12, but no official announcements have been made saying if it will make it across the seas. I can’t see why it wouldn’t especially if it because a popular item.

KFC are hoping the KFC Zinger Double Down will be popular as they have gone all out on their marketing campaign. No stranger to going for the brilliant and bizarre in their marketing, they recently live streamed four hours of cats climbing a Colonel Sanders Effigy, KFC stores in London are greeting customers who order the Zinger Double Down by having the counter tops burst into flames.

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It’s all very impressive and then feedback has been good from those who have had early access to the new menu item. All of whom have expressed their delight at how tasty and spicy the dish is.

What do you think of the KFC Zinger Double Down? Are you a spice fan? Is it something you would want to get when it finally makes its way over here? Share your thoughts by leave a comment below.

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