Tim Hortons: What are the new lids really like?


The new spill-proof Tim Hortons lids are finally here. Are they really as good as they sounded?

Tim Hortons promised new spill-proof lids for all their takeout coffees earlier this year. The brand has finally delivered on that promise.

Well, sort of!

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The lids aren’t quite as spill- or leak-proof as the company promised. The upside is they have a patriotic design for all Canadians. The top has a maple leaf pattern around the mouthpiece. It’s cute, but a good look doesn’t make us overlook the not-quite-spill-proof design.

When Tim Hortons promised new lids, the idea was that they’d stop making people spill some of their coffee. For years, we’ve been plagued with flat lids and a small tear-away part in the plastic for those who ordered coffees, cappuccinos, and some other options. If you’re like my wife and order a latte, the lids with a lip were offered instead! Well, they have been around Southwest Ontario.

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Now, all coffee drinkers get lids a little more like the McDonald’s ones. They have the lip and a section that you pull back to clip in place.

Customers haven’t found them completely foolproof though. Some users have shared videos of the coffees still leaking through the lids in various points. Of course, no lid is actually perfect but you can’t claim to have leak-proof lids and then not deliver!

Overall, though, the new Tim Hortons lids are better than before. At least, I think so!

The new lids aren’t in every location yet. They should be coming to all stores soon.

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What do you think of the new Tim Hortons lids? Are you a fan of the spill-proof design? Share your thoughts in the comments below.