Blue Bunny ice cream dishes up chocolate doughnut and cold brew flavors


Blue Bunny ice cream has hopped up in the midst of Easter preparation to bring good news: Two delicious new flavors to fill your dessert freezers!

Blue Bunny ice cream is beloved by its fans for its rich, creamy texture and tummy-satisfying flavors. Now, amid Easter preparations, Blue Bunny is hopping along with not just one but two new flavors.

Blue Bunny ice cream adds doughnut bliss

First up, Blue Bunny ice cream is fulfilling the dreams of doughnut lovers with ice cream blended with real doughnut pieces, reported Delish. Chocolate Doughnut ice cream has already been located in the freezer sections of some grocery stores (which has us ready to hop on over to see what Blue Bunny has hatched in our freezers).

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The new ice cream flavor has a base of vanilla ice cream. Blue Bunny has woven that base with rainbow sprinkles, milk chocolate icing, and (the whole reason for the excitement) pieces of real doughnuts. And doughnut bliss isn’t the only new flavor that Blue Bunny has for its fans.

Blue Bunny ice cream brings on brew (cold, that is)

Hello, Blue Bunny Caramel Cold Brew. Yup, that’s the intriguing title of the company’s second new ice cream flavor. Instagram food critic @CandyHunting located both the Chocolate Doughnut ice cream and Caramel Cold Brew at Hyvee.

In a nice contrast to the vanilla base and chocolate mix-ins of the Chocolate Doughnut ice cream, the Caramel Cold Brew features:

  • Cold brew coffee ice cream
  • Caramel swirls
  • Chocolate espresso pieces

For those who eat chocolate doughnuts for breakfast,  sip cold brew at lunch, and eat ice cream for a before-bed snack, the message is clear: Blue Bunny ice cream is now designed to be eaten at every meal!

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Are you looking forward to sampling the new flavors? Tell us if you think doughnut or cold brew ice cream sounds better in our comment section.