Pizza Hut P’Zones could become a permanent menu item


Pizza Hut P’Zones are back on the menu and looking at what the chain has said about the P’Zones they could be sticking around for good.

God, I really hope they are here to stay. In case you missed the news, Pizza Hut P’Zones are officially back on the menu. The restaurant chain teased how a legendary menu item was about to return to the menu and that menu item is the P’Zones.

Many fans guessed it right, and good on them, but now that we know it is the P’Zone what everyone is wondering is how long will it be around for? Well, we think it is here for good.

If you don’t know what the Pizza Hut P’Zones are, it is Pizza Hut’s version of a Calzone Pizza. If you have no idea what a Calzone pizza is, it is basically a folded pizza and usually only found in rather swanky dine in restaurants.

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Anyway, they are back, fans are loving it, but it’s not clear exactly how long for. They are back as part of the restaurant chain’s March Madness Lineup, so you can bet they will be around for at least that long, but, Pizza Hut has not billed them as a limited time menu option.

Which is very strange, but also, potentially, great news.

Normally, chains make it very clear when something is a limited time menu. Even if they haven’t announced the end date, they still make it extremely clear that it won’t be around forever. But Pizza Hut hasn’t done that this time.

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Yes, it is part of March Madness Lineup, so some fans can take that as the end date, but they would have still made it clear it is a limited time option.

We won’t be sure until we get official confirmation from the pizza chain, but I really do hope this is a sign the Pizza Hut P’Zones are back and back for good.

Fans have even asked the chain directly via social media how long they will be back for and so far, no answer has been provided, yet they are happily answering other questions.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one at Guilty Eats. We will let you know of any changes or updates as soon as we hear about them. For now, however, let’s keep the fingers crossed.

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What do you think? Are the Pizza Hut P’Zones here to stay? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.