Thirsty Thursday: Manhattan Project Beer Company has a unique story and scientific names


There are plenty of craft beer breweries across the country, but none boast a name quiet as fascinating as the Manhattan Project Beer Company. And yes, their beers are interesting too.

While we often think about finding the perfect drink for Thirsty Thursday, there is a lot more to the beverage industry than just the end result. Most companies have a back story, and if you are really lucky their story is interesting. Take for instance the Manhattan Project Beer Company.

Beer is big business, which is why there are so many craft breweries around the country. And while most of them have an interesting story to tell, there is something about the Manhattan Project that gets us excited.

Perhaps it has to do with the name itself – after all it is a very interesting choice for a brewery. Then there are the names of the individual beers, which all have a very scientific name. And of course, we can’t forget the quality of these brews.

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Overall, there is a lot to love about the Manhattan Project Beer Company, and for this edition of Thirsty Thursday finds, we can’t resist shining a light on the brewery and their story.

According to their website, their story is not much different from any other craft brewery, as they started the company based on a hobby they were passionate about – brewing. And while they may have begun brewing before the company was even founded, once they decided to turn their hobby into a business, things seemed to have come together.

Ultimately, it was the goal they had for the company that helped to transform them into the Manhattan Project Beer Company. In their story they explain, “Their common goal was to create a beer that would be appreciated by the designers, other craft beer drinkers, and those not yet exposed to beers beyond traditional American Lagers.”

Beyond the creation of the company, their scientific approach to making beer was as much an inspiration as anything else. And therefore, it makes sense that they would stick to that theme even when it comes to naming their individual beers.

From the Particles Collide, which is a Hazy IPA, to the Plutonium – 239, a coconut porter, there is a beer for everyone and every science lover. And thanks to a brewery that cares as much about the process of brewing as they do the flavor profiles they create, you can be assured that with every sip you are getting a beer that is truly top of the line.

For fans of Pilsners, you definitely want to give their Necessary Evil a chance. And yet, this is unlike many other Pilsners on the market. With Necessary Evil, you get a drink that Manhattan Project Beer Company explains as, “Our version of a Pilsner is dry, crisp, and has a hint of hop character. The floral aspects of the hops, not the bitter, so please make sure that H word is never mentioned to your light beer friends.”

And of course I can’t forget to mention Black Matter, which is a coffee stout. Here is a brew that gives you more than just coffee and chocolate notes, there is also cinnamon and vanilla to make this a smooth drink with every sip.

There is a lot to love about the Manhattan Project, as they give us delicious brews and science-friendly beer names. Honestly, this Thirsty Thursday is all about those beers, and thanks to this brewery, you get an experience you won’t want to miss.

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Have you heard of the Manhattan Project Beer Company before? If yes, what do you think of their beers? If no, are you going to look for their brews the next time you want to give a craft beer a try? Tell us what you think in the comments.