Swedish Fish Candy Canes are now a thing for those gummy candy lovers

It’s the season of the Candy Cane, and that means finding interesting flavors in the stores. And one flavor we found unexpectedly comes from Swedish Fish.

Are you a fan of Swedish Fish? Do you love Candy Canes? Did you know that there is such a thing as Swedish Fish Candy Canes? Well I certainly did not know about this delightful flavor of candy canes.

During a recent trip to the store I stumbled across a display of candy canes featuring boxes and boxes of Swedish Fish Candy Canes, and yes I was excited. As a fan of the chewy, red fish, I was excited to find that they had been transformed into a holiday treat.

And while candy canes might be a hard candy treat, the fact that the flavor of the popular gummy candy we know and love has been used to make this holiday treat has us more excited than we probably should be. Seriously, I am always suspicious of the unusual candy cane flavors that pop up every year. But this time, I was so excited by the choice to use Swedish Fish as a flavor that I totally forgot about my disdain for this practice.

After snagging a box for myself, I can admit that these are perfect not only for indulging in a sweet treat, but also for decorating the Christmas tree. Considering the pop of red of these candy canes is perfect for the holiday, these are great for decorating alongside the traditional peppermint version of the cane.

But really, we are all about the guilty eat, which means we care more about the way these taste over how they look as decor. And yes, they definitely win us over in terms of how they taste. (That being said, they are still great for those holiday looks too.)

If you are a fan of Swedish Fish, then these are definitely a must have this holiday season. And the fact that they are perfect for decorating in the colors of the holiday season makes them even more perfect.

Did you know that Swedish Fish Candy Canes existed? Have you ever tried these candy canes? If you have, what did you think? Tell us your thoughts on these candy canes in the comments.