Trader Joe’s chocolate gnocchi is here and people have thoughts

If you thought you’ve seen everything when it comes to food combinations, you might want to think again. You can now get chocolate gnocchi at Trader Joe’s.

Around the holidays, chocolate is everywhere. Chocolate cakes, cookies, candies, it’s in everything. But I bet you never thought you’d see it in gnocchi. Well, whether you like it or not, the time has come. Trader Joe’s is now selling chocolate gnocchi and people’s opinions on it are split fifty-fifty.

People are either like me and horrified by the idea of potato dough mixed with chocolate and then filled with molten chocolate, or they are ready to fill up a bowl full of the chocolate pasta and dig right in.

I can’t believe this even needs to be said, but please, do not put pasta/marinara, pesto, or Alfredo sauce on these (ew). It’s recommended you use some kind of fruit sauce, chocolate or caramel sauce, or they’d probably even work on ice cream, if that’s more your thing. I’d love to see how creative people get with these.

And according to Delish, people are not just eating these as a dessert. As someone who has eaten candy and chocolate cake for dinner, I don’t find this surprising at all. If you’re going to eat chocolate gnocchi, why not have it for dinner?

You can get a 12 oz bag at Trader Joe’s for only $2.99. At that price, why not get a couple of bags? If you’re already willing to eat chocolate gnocchi, you might as well stock up.

What side of this debate are you on? Are you already in the car going to Trader Joe’s or are you staying as far from these sweet demon pasta-potato dumplings as possible? Let us know in the comments below!