Taco Bell releases the perfect holiday collection in 2019

While Taco Bell might be known for their tacos, burritos, and other fast food goodies, they also have their very own shop with everything from onesies to ornaments.

Did you know that Taco Bell has their own shop featuring everything from t-shirts and onesies to socks and tumblers? Even if you didn’t, if you love this fast food giant as much as we do, then you might be excited to learn that the Taco Shop has released a holiday collection for 2019.

Thanks to Bustle, we got the chance to check out some of the hottest new releases for the holiday season, and yes we now know what we want to find in our stockings this year. In fact, if we could get our hands on everything the Taco Shop has to offer, we might just be in Taco Bell heaven.

Seriously, these are some of the best gifts for people who are obsessed with Taco Bell. From onesies to ornaments, it feels like there is something for everyone. And if you need a few last-minute gifts for the foodies in your life, why not take a peek at the Taco Shop?

How about finding ornaments that represent the hot sauce packets we all grab too many of when we grab a bag of tacos late at night? With a three pack of ornaments that represent Mild, Hot, and Fire, you or a friend can decorate your tree the Taco Bell way. And considering this set is just $20, it won’t feel like you are completely breaking the bank.

Since you can never go wrong with socks as a stocking stuffer, why not snag some of the ankle socks they dropped this holiday? Pick a pair that represents your favorite hot sauce for $15 each.

If you love cookies (and who doesn’t?), then why not grab the Taco Bell Cookie Stamp Set for $15. This set feature two iconic shapes, the sauce packet and a taco, and consists of both cutters and stamps. So, while you may have to do a little work and bake those cookies, this set is definitely a cute gift for the baker in your life or to make your own adorable cookie platter.

Have a jewelry lover you want to surprise? Why not grab them a choker with the fast food giant’s name on it? Not only will it show the world that they love Taco Bell, but it is also super cute.

Or maybe you want something to liven up your couch with. Then why not grab one of their decorative pillows that look like hot sauce packets?  At $25 each, you can easily snag more than one without feeling too much guilt.

Other favorite pieces that at least deserve an honorable mention include the Taco Bell Snowglobe, the Taco Bell Stocking Stuffer Sweatshirt, the Ultra Plush Burrito Blanket (that looks a lot like a burrito wrapper), and of course the Taco Bell x Tipsy Elves Mild Sauce Packet Jumpsuit.

If you are a Taco Bell fan or have someone you love who is, then this is the perfect time to snag some goodies inspired by this popular fast food place. After all, sometimes you just want the world to know how much you love tacos and burritos.

What do you think of Taco Bell’s new holiday collection for 2019? Will you be picking up something for yourself or someone you love? Tell us what you think in the comments.