Refreshing drink alternatives to kick off 2020 with for a dry January

Photo: Spindrift's Cucumber Sparkling Water.. Image Courtesy Spindrift
Photo: Spindrift's Cucumber Sparkling Water.. Image Courtesy Spindrift /

After the holidays, many of us are looking for alternative drinks that will get us through what many people consider to be dry January. And with plenty of refreshing options, there really is something for everyone.

For a lot of people, the holidays are a time of celebration, indulging with good food, and enjoying plenty of drinks and cocktails. And for many of us, that leads to what many people call dry January.

As the first month of a new year, January feels like the perfect time for a reset (which is why we all have our resolutions and new goals). And while it may seem easy to find drinks that are refreshing and delicious to get us through dry January, it can actually be more challenging than you think.

Luckily there are some great options out there that will let you enjoy vibrant flavors, delicious drinks (mocktails anyone?), and still stick to those New Year’s resolutions.

One of my favorite options has to be Spindrift, as their Sparkling Water not only delivers with the taste, but it is also highly versatile. Not only can you pick up cans of Spindrift at places like Starbucks, but they are also for sale in cases at stores like Trader Joe’s and Tom Thumb (found this out when I knocked over a display by the way). And considering I have a shelf in my fridge dedicated to cans of this Sparkling Water, I definitely recommend it as a refreshing alternative to the typical drink.

While a can of Spindrift acts as a great mixer for cocktails, heading into dry January, you are probably looking for something without alcohol to enjoy as a treat. And that’s perfectly fine, we have made mocktails with them in the past and every single time, the drink is a hit.

According to a spokesperson for the company, “In 2020, let’s enjoy what’s simple, authentic, and completely delicious. Every sip of Spindrift sparkling water is light, bright, and deliciously refreshing. Spindrift is more flavorful than other sparkling waters because it’s not made with fruit essences, natural flavors, or artificial ingredients – it’s made with real fruit from family farms! Yup, that’s it!”

And they are absolutely right. Whether you choose to create drinks based on their own menu of mocktail recipes (which you can find right on their website by the way), or by making something with things in your pantry or fridge, there is an amazing amount of versatility that comes from having a Sparkling Water that is so fresh and refreshing that all it requires is real fruit to give it all of its flavor.

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If you are looking for another excellent option for getting you through dry January, Schweppes might have the answer. As a fan of their Ginger Ale, I was surprised to learn that they have their own line of Sparkling Waters as well. One of their best flavors has to be the Pink Grapefruit, as it delivers on the flavor and bubbles in a way that is refreshing and invigorating.

As an added bonus, these waters can also be used as a mixer for refreshing mocktails as well. In fact, their website gives you some non-alcoholic drink recipes that are truly indulgent. From the Creamy Colada Punch to the Black Cherry Temple, Schweppes is able to deliver in a way that will leave you forgetting all about the cocktails in January.

Finally there is the Mingle Mocktails. Here is a mocktail that has already been put together for you in a bottle. Among your flavor options, there is a Mingle Moscow Mule and a Mingle Cranberry Cosmo. And the fact that it is ready to drink right out of the bottle makes this a great option if you want something lowkey and that does not require too much effort.

It’s a lot like getting the cocktail without the alcohol and that’s the entire point. And once dry January is over, if you want to add some alcohol to the mix, that’s an option too.

Honestly, Mingle makes it easy to enjoy a mocktail without all the fuss. And the flavors they offer are great in terms of variety. Overall, this is another winner to kick off 2020 with.

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While there is nothing that says you have to take part in dry January, hopefully with these alternative drink options, it makes it easier if you decide that you want to. And considering the fact that all of these alternatives are delicious on their own, it will certainly help make your decision that much easier.