Cholula is putting their fans to the ultimate test in honor of National Hot Sauce Day

In honor of National Hot Sauce Day on Jan. 22, Cholula is putting their fans to the ultimate test for a chance at a big win.

Are you a hot sauce lover? Do you love Cholula hot sauce? Then the brand is putting you, as a fan, to the ultimate test in honor of National Hot Sauce Day on Jan. 22.

In a press release from Cholula, they revealed that they are putting their fandom to the test for the chance to win free hot sauce for life.

Cholula is partnering with celebrity chef Aarón Sanchez as part of this test, which requires you to show off your hot sauce love in a very permanent way. Anyone with a Cholula tattoo has the chance to win all of the hot sauce they could ever want. And since Sanchez is part of owner of Daredevil Tattoo in New York City, this partnership seems like a perfect match.


Photo: Cholula Tattoo Designs.. Image Courtesy Cholula

In order to show off your “Cholu-love” there are two options that will allow you to show off your hot sauce appreciation and get a little ink in the process.

If you live outside of New York City, head to Instagram starting on Jan. 6 and check out the “Cholula x Aaron Presents” post. One person who comments on that post will win a chance to fly to NYC for a free tattoo and of course a lifetime supply of hot sauce.

And if you live in NYC, you will want to go to Daredevil Tattoo on Jan. 22 in order to get a free Cholula tattoo. You will also be entered in the drawing for free hot sauce for life.

Once all the entries have been put together, they will draw a name from all the people who showed off their Cholu-love.

Now I don’t know about you, but if you love hot sauce this seems like the ultimate opportunity to show off that appreciation and get potentially get something in return. Plus, you have to admit that the designs they went with for the free designs are definitely artistic and actually quite stunning.

This might just be the ultimate celebration of hot sauce and our love for the spicy liquid. And if ever there was a time to show off that love, it would have to be when there was a chance to win enough to last our lifetime.

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What do you think of Cholula’s celebration for National Hot Sauce Day? Are you going to try to win hot sauce for life? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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