How to use Taco Bell’s new Instagram filter

Forget which Disney character you are, it’s all about figuring out which Taco Bell menu item you are, with Taco Bell’s new Instagram filter!

It’s usually Snapchat who has the most fun, unique, and trending filters. And, don’t get me wrong, they still do have great options. My favorite is still the one where you can see yourself age. Have you tried it on toddlers? It’s hilarious! Earlier this month, however, Instagram has debuted several fun filters, and Taco Bell is the latest one to join in.

It began with a filter telling you which Disney character you are, then Pixar, anime, Marvel, we’ve seen them all. But Taco Bell isn’t one to fall behind on the latest trends, even when those trends, seemingly, have nothing to do with fast food. Leave it to Taco Bell to create something that we will all love.

Now, the biggest question filter users have is, which Taco Bell menu item am I? Are you a taco? A quesadilla? A hot or mild sauce? Personally, I hope to be a sweet, sweet, cinnamon twist! Here’s how you can find out!

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Simply open this link HERE via your mobile phone to activate and let the fun begin. We all know the time that counts is the first time, but no one has to know! Run that filter until you get the result you want and then share it!

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