Edgar Allan Poe-themed coffeehouse makes every bookworm scream in delight

Looking for a place to relax with a book and a cup of coffee? You might want to check out this Edgar Allan Poe cafe in Michigan!

Wake up, bookworms! It’s time to put down the book and go outside because there is an Edgar Allan Poe-themed restaurant in Michigan that was made just for you. The Raven Cafe is part coffeehouse, part restaurant, and part bar all rolled into one.

Located in Port Huron, Michigan, the first floor of the cafe is the dining room where you can order food and drinks, including Michigan-made beers on tap while the second floor is where your bookish heart will explode. It’s filled with packed bookshelves and you can lose yourself in a book while you sip your mug of coffee. You can check out their menu at their website here.

The restaurant is also covered in posters, art, and maybe you’ll see a raven or two. The decor, the food, and the atmosphere all blend together to make a cozy, comfy place to spend an afternoon. They even occasionally have live music!

And even though it’s Poe-themed, don’t worry! There’s no bodies boarded up in the walls and no hearts underneath the floorboards.

While Poe would probably like the place to be a little darker and want it to serve something a little stronger than coffee and beer, The Raven Cafe is perfect for everyone who’s not a sad nineteenth century writer.

Now we just need a few more classic author themed restaurant. I’ll take a Jane Austen tea shop and a Tolkien cafe any day of the week!

What do you think of this Poe-themed restaurant? Would you want to visit an author themed restaurant? Let us know in the comments below!