Mac and Cheese Ice Cream exists, and it looks downright disgusting

There now exists in the world a Mac and Cheese-flavored ice cream, and it looks and sounds downright disgusting.

Whose idea was it to create a Mac and Cheese flavored ice cream? It’s important to know the name of the person who created this monstrosity so that they can be banned from putting two food items that have no business being near each other, together.

Yes, we have been treated to our share of pure ice cream flavor carnage, but none can top the Mac and Cheese Ice Cream, in which author Chuck Wendig discovered at an ice cream shop in small-town Pennsylvania. Of course, Mac and Cheese Ice Cream would pique anyone’s interest, as it did Chuck’s.

Putting Mac and Cheese in the same universe as ice cream would make anyone instantly sick to their stomachs, but I don’t think Chuck, and the rest of the foodies out there would dare think anyone would have the sheer courage to actually do it.

Alas, we were sadly mistaken.

Chuck documented his plight with this fascinating ice cream flavor on Twitter, and he actually liked the mix of sweet-and-savory cheese that swirled within the unholy concoction.

However, he found actual Mac and Cheese inside the ice cream. Like, who does that? Who in their right mind would actually think that freezing up pasta would be a good idea. As Chuck sadly found out, eating frozen pasta is a really, really bad idea.

While Chuck gave a solid review of the Mac and Cheese Ice Cream, I don’t think a lot of people will be following him in this new age thinking, especially me. Now I’ve tried many weird foods in my journey as a fast-food critic, but I think I draw the line at this one. I’m from the South, and in these parts, we don’t take too kindly to our Mac and Cheese being turned into a frozen desert.

I could be wrong, but for now, I think I’m going to give the Mac and Cheese Ice Cream its distance.

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What do you think of this Mac and Cheese ice cream? Are you tempted to give this a try? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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