Valentine’s Day is sweeter than ever with Ferrero products

Photo: Ferrero Collection Assorted.. Image Courtesy Ferrero
Photo: Ferrero Collection Assorted.. Image Courtesy Ferrero /

If you are looking for the perfect sweet treats this Valentine’s Day, then Ferrero has you covered with an assortment of goodies under $20.

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like chocolate. And while there are many options out there for those of us who love all things chocolate, one brand that screams romance has to be Ferrero.

While most of us think of the typical Ferrero Rocher balls of deliciousness when it comes to this brand, there are actually a nice variety of products out there from this company that will satisfy our sweet tooth. Just in time for the annual celebration of romance, Ferrero is giving us some of the best sweet treats for under $20.

We are talking about everything from the Ferrero Collection golden heart, which comes in more than one size and yet still stays under $20. The 24 piece is just $16.75 and gives you a nice variety of chocolates for you or your sweetheart to enjoy.

Photo: Ferrero Rocher Golden Gallery Signature.. Image Courtesy Ferrero /

Or if you want to have some fun, why not snag the Cherry Love Tic Tacs? (Who knew these were from Ferrero?) If you grab two, you can put them together to form a heart and give a fun foodie gift that they can enjoy for weeks.

You could keep it simple and opt for a regular box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and since they come in a clear plastic, it’s not like you “cheaped out.” Honestly, just seeing those gold foil wrapped chocolates is enough to make us smile, so you can’t go wrong with this one either.

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Honestly, there are any number of Ferrero products on the market that you could snag for Valentine’s Day, and with such a wide variety of options, you know you will find something they will love.

Personally, I love the assorted collections that give me a nice variety in one package. Not only does it let me choose the flavor I want in the moment, but it also lets me share (that never happens) if I feel like being generous.

If you need a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day, then I highly recommend checking out the many Ferrero products currently on the market. Not only can you find them in grocery stores and places like CVS and Walgreens, but they are also easy to find in Target and Walmart.

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What do you think of going with Ferrero this Valentine’s Day? Which product do you think is the best choice for this annual day of love? Tell us what you think in the comments.