Subway wants to help feed people in need with the help of Feeding America

Subway wants to help people in need by partnering with Feeding America. The goal is to make sure everyone has access to the food they need.

Subway wants to feed America. In an effort to make a difference during difficult times, it seems that the sandwich chain has decided to partner with Feeding America to try to get more than 15 million meals out to the public.

According to Chew Boom, from now until April 30, Subway will be providing meals to Feeding America every time someone purchases a foot long sub in store for takeout. This means that not only is the sandwich shop making a difference, but so are we.

Feeding America is predicting that they will need at least $1.4 billion over the course of the next six months in order to help people in need. This need primarily stems from the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of readily available supplies.

As part of their commitment to make a difference, Subway will be donating $0.10 per foot long, which is said to be equivalent to one Feeding America meal. The goal is to reach 15 million meals or $1.5 million.

Even if you are not interested in heading out to Subway to grab a foot long, Feeding America is always looking for support and donations, especially during these difficult times. Just think, a $1 donation is enough to supply 10 meals to people in need.

And if you are curious, the food donated ends up at local food banks, helping as many people as possible.

Subway is not alone in their efforts to give back to the community, as other companies look to do what they can as well. Little Caesars announced that they were giving free pizza to health care workers and first responders in Canada, while the National Guard is handing out food to people in hard hit communities in Massachusetts.

For more information about the pandemic and what you can do to stay safe, check out the CDC website for guidelines and precautions.