Major League Eating Quarantine Challenge: Bologna (Part 1)

If you love the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, then you won’t want to miss the latest Major League Eating (MLE) event is your thing to watch.

The MLE better known as Major League Eating, has decided to come out with a four-part YouTube series with a Quarantine Eating Challenge sponsored by BetOnline. It features eight professional eaters in a bracket-style tournament that will take part in four different eating challenges.

While I’m not completely into watching people shove hot dogs and wet buns into their mouths, I knew that I still had to give this YouTube series a try, and watch it with my boyfriend and parents!

Premiering live on YouTube on April 17, round one began with bologna. Two pounds of it, in fact.

The episode began with George Shea (who announces all of the Nathan’s Hot Dogs events) introducing the event and each player in it. It showed each player in their homes with their bologna and plates right in front of them.

Before the speed-eating began, a few rules were announced, and they went as follows:

  • Each competitor must eat 2 pounds of bologna
  • The first competitor finished eating is the winner
  • Beverages ARE allowed
  • Time penalty for food pieces and spillage in the eating areas

The President of the MLE then made an announcement regarding the prizes:

  • There is a $12,000 prize pool with $5,000 going to the winner
  • Upon finishing the competition, there will be $10,000 donated to charity on behalf of Major League Eating (as well as anything the pros decided to contribute/donate on their own)

One last thing to know before the actual eating began, is that they placed odds on who the heavy favorites and heave underdogs were. Of course, the heavy favorite was Joey Chestnut and the heavy underdog was someone named Badlands Booker (who has since come out with his own video where he trash talks Joey Chestnut himself).

The contest began with an 8-split screen showing each competitor, and then individually showing them throughout the minute long competition itself.

Without giving anything away here, I will leave you with this: it was definitely interesting to watch and something to pass a few minutes of your time while stuck at home.

Watch the video below to find out which 4 competitors will advance to Round #2!

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The next part of this competition will commence on Sunday, April 19 so stay tuned!

Let us know what you thought of these results and if you’d be able to do it with them!