Starbucks reveals their plans for reopening and when they expect stores to open

Starbucks has revealed their reopening plans to investors, which includes telling us when stores will be reopening for business.

It looks like Starbucks is going to start opening more of their cafes now that May has arrived. And while they will still be practicing social distancing and only offering take-out and drive-thru orders, it looks to be the next step towards a larger scale reopening.

According to Buzzfeed News, at the start of May Starbucks will begin opening cafes for to-go orders only. And while these cafes will be opening back up for business, they will be operating based on modified services depending on the market where they are located.

The plan is to slowly get back to business by opening up more drive-thrus, offering pickup and delivery from additional locations, and getting up to 90 percent of their stores back up and running by June.

That’s not all, as Starbucks is asking customers to download the app in order to place their orders so that they can literally walk in the door, grab their order, and walk back out. With the dining/seating areas remaining closed, the cafes are doing what they can to enforce social distancing rules.

In terms of offering delivery, the company is working with UberEats to make it easier than ever to get your favorite drinks brought to you.

Safety measures for employees will be put into place that includes having their temperatures checked before their shifts.

Starbucks will also be restarting their marketing efforts, which had been put on hold because of the pandemic. This means that they will once again be advertising on television, in print, and on social media.

While many restaurants have been struggling with their reopening plans, Starbucks is looking to China and what they did there to get the ball rolling in the U.S., which makes sense. It seems like the company is looking to start slowly in terms of reopening locations that have been closed since March, while also continuing to practice social distancing.

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