Cakebites delivers decadence with both their Italian Rainbow and Trolls inspired Party Pop Cake

The Original Cakebites Classic Italian Rainbow and Trolls Party Pop Cake. Image by Kimberley Spinney
The Original Cakebites Classic Italian Rainbow and Trolls Party Pop Cake. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

The Original Cakebites teamed up with the Trolls World Tour movie for two specialty cake bite flavors. And the company really delivered the decadence.

If there is one sweet treat I am obsessed with, it would have to be the Italian Rainbow Cookie/Cake Bite. It’s nostalgia and memories wrapped up in a perfect bite. And when I found out about The Original Cakebites, I knew I had to give their Classic Italian Rainbow a try.

However, what actually led me to the Italian Rainbow version of the Cakebites was the arrival of the collaboration between The Original Cakebites and the Trolls World Tour movie. While I know that there were two different cake bite flavors that arrived in stores, with Walmart getting both the Party Pop Cake and the Party Rock Cake, I only found one of the flavors in my own travels.

I picked up both the Classic Italian Rainbow and the Party Pop Cake to try. And I think I may have found my new favorite bite size cake brand. Not only was the Trolls branded Cakebites a winner, but so were the Italian Rainbow bites.

Both of these cakes were coated in a perfect layer of chocolate, and the cakes themselves were exceptionally moist and flavorful. Honestly, the Trolls cake was like eating bite size birthday cake squares that had a raspberry jam between each layer (which it basically is). And if you are an Italian and love the Rainbow bites, you’ll swear this recipe was stolen from your grandma.

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I’ve never fallen in love with a cake brand so quickly before, but The Original Cakebites have stolen my heart. And I think they will steal yours too, especially thanks to the variety of flavors they offer.

Not only can you pick these up at Walmart stores, but I also found them at the local grocery store as well. A small pack of three Cakebites was just $1 where I picked them up, and they also have a larger size as well.

If you need a sweet treat or a fun pick me up, then you need to give The Original Cakebites a try. You may end up with a new favorite brand on your hands.

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Have you tried The Original Cakebites yet? If so, what did you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.