Fritos supports first responders and brings back their Barbecue flavor

Fristos Bar-B-Q Flavored Corn Chips. Image by Kimberley Spinney
Fristos Bar-B-Q Flavored Corn Chips. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

Fritos is celebrating first responders with their Bar-B-Q flavor.

When it comes to summer fun, is there anything better than bags of chips and summer sun? How about bags of Fritos honoring first responders and the military? Just before Memorial Day weekend, Frito-Lay released special limited edition bags with a patriotic theme.

What makes this patriotic packaging so special is that proceeds from the sales of these bags will be going to an organization called Carry the Load which supports “our Nation’s heroes.” According to a press release about this news, we learned that up to $200,000 will be donated to this charity.

However, it was not just their patriotic packaging that arrived on the market. As an even more exciting release, the company has brought back their Barbecue flavored Fritos and we are here for it.

Fritos brings back a fan-favorite flavor.

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While the original flavor of Fritos will always be a classic, one of my favorite flavors of all time is their Bar-B-Q. And the fact that they are bringing back for a limited time is extremely exciting.

In fact, the return of the Bar-B-Q- Fritos is so special that it will actually be a Dollar General exclusive. This means that if you are as obsessed with this flavor as I am, then you will need to head to your local DG and snag some bags for yourself.

There are two different bag sizes you can pick up at Dollar General, a snack size one ounce bag that are priced at two for $1. Then there is a 9.25 ounce bag that will run approximately $3.99 each.

Honestly, I am making a run to Dollar General as soon as I can just to snag a few bags of Bar-B-Q Fritos. And if I can do good while grabbing those bags of corn chips, then I think that’s a win-win situation.

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Are you excited for the return of the Fritos Barbecue flavor? Will you be grabbing bags of these for yourself? Tell us what you think in the comments.