Ben and Jerry’s joins Faceboook ad boycott

Ben and Jerry’s stopping paid ads on Facebook as part of boycott

While Facebook may be the place you go to catch up with friends or see what your family is doing, it’s also a platform filled with hateful messages that don’t seem to be disappearing. Because of their lack of action, many companies are boycotting the social media site by refusing to buy ads. Ben and Jerry’s is the latest to join the boycott. This should be a surprise to no one as they have been supporting Black Lives Matter and an end to racism for awhile.

The ice cream company is joining the Stop the Hate For Profit campaign which is asking Facebook to have stricter measures to root out and delete racist and hateful content. Ben and Jerry’s tweeted out that they will be pausing “all paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram in the US.” Instagram is also owned by Facebook so the boycott covers them as well.

But Ben and Jerry’s isn’t the only one in on this boycott. Lots of other brands are joining in too. Northface, Patagonia, and REI are all pulling their ads and Verizon recently decided to stop advertising on the site as well.

It’s not just brands that are taking part in the campaign, other websites are too. The freelance website, Upwork and the software developer, Mozzila have decided to stop their Facebook ads.

Ben and Jerry’s joins Verizon and Northface in Facebook ad boycott

Before Ben and Jerry’s released their statement about Stop the Hate For Profit, Facebook released their own statement talking about what they are going to do. They stated:

“We’re taking steps to review our policies, ensure diversity and transparency when making decisions on how we apply our policies, and advance racial justice and voter engagement on our platform,”

While that’s all well and good, Facebook doesn’t have the greatest track record, especially when it comes to hate speech. Hopefully, companies pulling their advertising budgets from the site will bring about actual change. Facebook noted that they have been getting better about deleting posts, but they can always do more.

The Stop the Hate for Profit campaign was started by the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, and the Color of Change and they are calling on all companies who advertise on Facebook to stop spending money on ads throughout July.

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What do you think of this campaign? Do you think it will make a difference? Let us know in the comments below!

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