Dunkin is testing a variety of new drinks this summer, including Bubble Teas

Dunkin' Refreshers. Image Courtesy Dunkin'
Dunkin' Refreshers. Image Courtesy Dunkin' /

Dunkin’ is looking to offer Bubble Teas in new summer test

It feels like the Dunkin’ menu is loaded with an endless array of drink options. And honestly, we are okay with that, after all, we love options. Well it looks like the donut and coffee shop is not done giving us options, as they are apparently testing out the idea of offering Bubble Teas on their menu, as well as Bubble Iced Coffee, and even Shandies.

According to Delish, a new report suggests that Dunkin’ is doing a test run of a number of new drinks, with a few different options for popping bubbles, in select locations in Massachusetts.

Considering how popular Bubble Tea is around the world, it comes as no surprise that Dunkin’ would want to add this to their menu. However, it is not just tea that you can get with these “bubbles,” as they are also testing out a Bubble Iced Coffee drink and even adding the bubbles to their Refreshers.

Dunkin’ is testing a variety of summer drinks until Aug. 18

In a statement from the company, they explained that their new Popping Bubble Ice Tea features bubbles that, “burst in your mouth for an explosion of strawberry sweetness with each sip.” The tea is made using their classic green tea paired with the new bubbles that are actually strawberry flavored. And it sounds delicious!

As we pointed out, there are more than just Bubble Teas being tested:

"Guests can also enjoy Popping Bubble Dunkin’ Refreshers, with strawberry popping bubbles added to Dunkin’ Refreshers’ combination of iced green tea, flavored fruit concentrate, and B vitamins for a boost of brightness and energy. Both are served with a special, extra-wide Bubble paper straw."

And yes, there is also a Bubble Iced Coffee option in the works, as well as Summer Shandies, and a more standard Bubble Iced Tea. For the Bubble Iced Tea and Coffee, these bubbles are actually a burst of brown sugar, making them perfect for summer sipping. Meanwhile, the Summer Shandies are all about taking classic flavors and giving them a fruity twist.

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According to MassLive, Dunkin’ explained these drinks as, “the Cold Brew Shandy, made with a combination of cold brew and lemonade, or the Green Tea Blueberry Shandy, featuring iced green tea made with the taste of blueberry.”

If you live in Massachusetts, you will definitely want to give these new drinks a try and hopefully they stick around for a wider release. Of course, not every Massachusetts location will have every one of these test drinks. In fact, there are only a handful of locations for each drink, with specific areas of the state getting the chance to test a different product. (MassLive has a full list of locations and which test drink is being offered.)

We are pretty excited by this new drink test from Dunkin’. Not only do all of these drinks sound delicious, but it will be nice to see some more adventurous options on the menu as well.

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What do you think of these new summer drinks? Which one do you want to try? Are there any drinks or combinations you think Dunkin’ should try next? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.