Taco Tuesday gets kicked up a notch with the help of Old El Paso

Old El Paso World Taco Kits and Sauces. Image by Kimberley Spinney
Old El Paso World Taco Kits and Sauces. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

Old El Paso knows how to make Taco Tuesday special

While we enjoy tacos everyday of the week, there is something about eating them on a Tuesday that just seems special. And with Taco Tuesday being a real thing for so many of us, companies like Old El Paso want to make your next at-home taco party as epic as possible.

Recently, Old El Paso unveiled a number of new products that will make your next Taco Tuesday a more global experience. What do I mean by this? Well now they are offering three new World Taco Kits, two new seasoning mixes, and five squeezable sauces.

When it comes to making your next Taco dinner even more fun than ever before, it is clear that Old El Paso is here to help.

Old El Paso expands their line of taco offerings to include World Kits

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One of my favorite aspects of this launch has to be the new World Taco Kits. Your three choices are: Japanese Inspired Teriyaki, Caribbean Inspired Jerk, and Korean Inspired BBQ. Each kit gives you everything you need to make one of these worldly tacos, with the exception of the meat (of course).

These kits are an all-in-one dinner solution for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to plan ahead. As long as you have the meat, you have a meal. Each kit comes with ten tortillas, a sauce packet specific to your World Kit (Sesame Chile, Honey Soy, or Pineapple Pepper), and a seasoning packet. With an estimated retail price of $3.80, these kits might become a pantry staple.

Next, we have to talk about the two new flavors of Seasoning Mix. I don’t know about you, but I always have Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mixes in my spice cabinet. And now that they have added Chorizo and Al Pastor as Seasoning Mixes, I am even more excited.

Just like their usual packets, these two new flavors are approximately $0.99 each, and they deliver on the flavor. These make any meal feel like they are restaurant quality, and I am here for these flavors!

Finally, we have to mention the new squeezable sauces. There are five squeezables that are perfect for not only tacos, but also burritos, nachos, and more. The flavors that you can snag in squeezable form are: Creamy Salsa Verde Sauce, Mild Taco Sauce, Zesty Ranch Sauce, Medium Taco Sauce, and Creamy Queso Sauce.

The two Taco Sauces have a price point of $2.99, while the other three flavors will run you around $3.69. These family-friendly bottles make Taco Tuesday a breeze, while also being a lot of fun. Bring on the flavors without all the mess.

If you are looking to make your next Taco night a fun and flavorful experience, look no further than Old El Paso, as they will are here with some innovative offerings we can’t help but appreciate.

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Have you seen these new Old El Paso products in a store near you? Have you given any of them a try? If yes, what did you think? Tell us all about it in the comments.