Go-Gurt is giving us summer fun with these new Slushie flavors

NEW Go-Gurt Slushie. Image Courtesy Yoplait
NEW Go-Gurt Slushie. Image Courtesy Yoplait /

Yoplait introduces Go-Gurt Slushie this summer

When it comes to light, summer snacks, there is something about yogurt that seems perfect. It is a cool, light treat that tends to satisfy a craving, depending on what flavors you love. And with the upcoming release of Yoplait’s new Go-Gurt Slushie pack, we can’t help but this this summer is all about fun and flavor.

In a press release from Yoplait, we learned all about the new summer offerings from the company, including two new varieties of Go-Gurt. And while their new Dairy Free variety is an exciting launch that we will definitely be talking about soon, this time, we are giving the new Slushie release the spotlight.

Go-Gurt Slushie is everything you want in a Slushie inspired yogurt

Set to officially release nationwide in August, Go-Gurt Slushie comes in Blue Raspberry and Cherry flavors. Considering these are the classic Slushie flavors, that is not that big of a surprise. What was a surprise was how much these smelled and tasted like their inspiration.

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It was instant nostalgia when I ripped open the Blue Raspberry flavor. Not only does it smell exactly like the Blue Raspberry Slushies we know and love, but it had the same taste too. Even the texture of this Go-Gurt makes you think of the Slushies we drink all year.

This is the kind of treat that makes summer snacking even more fun and delicious. And the fact that this is a yogurt offering means that it definitely feels like a healthier option on the go.

Whether you are an adult looking for a quick snack or adding this as a side to your children’s meal, this is definitely going to be a new favorite when it comes to Go-Gurt.

As a yogurt lover, I love innovative offerings, and this clearly fits the bill. This is snacktime done right! Seriously, I can’t wait for these to officially release so I can fill my refrigerator with more of these.

The average price for a box of eight tubes is $2.69, making these not just a tasty treat, but an affordable one too. So, are you ready to snag a box this summer?

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Are you a Slushie fan? Do you love Go-Gurt? Will you be trying this new flavor from Yoplait? Tell us what you think in the comments.