Is Taco Bell open on Thanksgiving Day 2020?

Taco Bell At Home Taco Bar. Image Courtesy Taco Bell Corp.
Taco Bell At Home Taco Bar. Image Courtesy Taco Bell Corp. /

Is Taco Bell open on Thanksgiving?

When it comes to enjoying a tasty meal on Thanksgiving, we often think of turkey, ham, and sit down dinners. But for some of us, it’s all about Taco Bell. And that means we need to know whether or not we will be able to enjoy our Crunchy Tacos, Crunchwrap Supremes, and Chicken Quesadillas this holiday season.

In the past, the answer to this question would often be a bit complicated with some stores staying open and others closing for the day, but with a few stores staying open to satisfy our cravings. But in 2020, nothing is ever easy, simple or satisfying it seems.

According to Delish, this year is definitely going to be short a few tacos on Thanksgiving because Taco Bell will not be open on Nov. 26.

Taco Bell will be closed on Thanksgiving Day

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Of course, even though Taco Bell will not be open on Thanksgiving, they will reopen their doors on Nov. 27, which means we can still snag a bag of tacos and nachos for any shopping trips we may be doing. Of course, with a pandemic happening, there may not be much shopping happening. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our tasty tacos anyway.

If you are really looking to enjoy a Crunchwrap Supreme this holiday, check out this recipe for a chance to make one at home. And of course, we can always forgo the turkey and ham and make tacos for Thanksgiving instead.

Even though Taco Bell may not be open this year (I would still check my local store just in case they decided to surprise us), at least we know that they will be open on Black Friday to satisfy all of our spicy and not so spicy cravings.

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