Chipotle is testing out a new protein to add to the menu in select markets

Chipotle is testing out a new meat in select markets

For fans of Chipotle, there are some proteins that just have us coming back for more over and over again. And their latest test might give us a new meat to love.

While we all have our favorites at Chipotle, sometimes you want to try something new. And you never know, you might end up finding a new favorite at the same time. Although the fast casual chain has long held a high standard for the proteins that they offer, even taking things off the menu when they couldn’t source the product at a quality level that they approved of, it seems that just in time for the start of December, they are testing out a new meat option.

Chipotle is testing out Smoked Brisket in select markets

If you are one of the lucky few who lives near one of the Chipotle locations in either Sacramento, California or Cincinnati, Ohio, according to Chew Boom, then now is the time to give their Smoked Brisket a try.

This new Smoked Brisket protein features a seasoned smoked beef brisket that is seared on the grill and then tossed in a special sauce that is created with a kick thanks to the Mexican peppers used to build flavor. For people near the test locations, you will be able to try this new meat whether you are ordering in-store or online. And considering there are 64 locations testing this new meat option, if you are in those cities, you’ll likely be able to add this to either your bowl or burrito with no problem.

Hopefully this test ends up being a success and more of us have the chance to add Smoked Brisket to our salads and bowls. Especially with how flavorful this particular protein sounds.

What do you think of the new meat that Chipotle is testing? Do you think this will become a permanent addition to the menu? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.