Denny’s is giving us their first deal of 2021 and it includes a freebie

Denny’s Deal: FREE Stack of Pancakes and FREE Delivery Now Through January 18. Image courtesy Denny's
Denny’s Deal: FREE Stack of Pancakes and FREE Delivery Now Through January 18. Image courtesy Denny's /

Denny’s brings us their first real deal of 2021

The first real Denny’s deal is here for 2021 and we are excited for breakfast. Not only are we getting a delicious deal, but it is all about the free!

So what is this delicious deal that Denny’s has us for us? Well, it has a lot to do with pancakes. But that’s not all.

According to a press release from the company, from now until Jan. 18, spend just $5 online or using their mobile app and you will get not only a free two-stack of pancakes, but you will also get free delivery! Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than that.

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Denny’s is offering free pancakes and delivery for a limited time

Obviously this means that this deal is not an in-store option. However, it is still a great deal from the free delivery to the free food. And there is no coupon code needed, just make sure that there is at least $5 worth of deliciousness in your cart when you go to checkout.

Looking for some suggestions when it comes to what to order? You can always try some of the restaurants iconic Melts, such as the The Grand Slamwich, or even some of their newer offerings like the Chick ‘N’ Shroom Melt.

Need to feed more people? There are also Family Packs to choose from, including a breakfast pack called the Grand Slam Pack. Or you can opt for a more lunch appropriate meal (because really pancakes are an anytime favorite), such as the Premium Chicken Tenders Pack.

With so many menu items to choose from, it shouldn’t be too hard to find $5 worth of goodies at Denny’s to snag those free pancakes and the free delivery.

We are pretty excited about this deal. Not only do we love free delivery, but free pancakes is like the icing on the (pan)cake (we couldn’t resist a little pun fun).

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Will you be taking advantage of this tasty deal from Denny’s? Are you a fan of their pancakes? Tell us in the comments below.