Heart Shaped Cheerios are back on store shelves

Heart Shaped Cheerios are back. Image courtesy of General Mills and Cheerios.
Heart Shaped Cheerios are back. Image courtesy of General Mills and Cheerios. /

Cereal is one of the top choices of breakfast eaters everywhere. So it makes sense that brands like Cheerios do their part to improve our health. And when it comes to focusing on heart health, this is one line of cereal that not only delivers, but takes things to the next level.

But what exactly is that next level? Turning their circular loops into hearts of course. Because what better way is there to remind people that heart health is important and your cereal has your back than having them indulge in heart shaped cereal?

Whether you love their special flavors like Cinnamon, Chocolate, or Blueberry, or instead prefer the more classic flavors of original Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios, all five of the flavors of General Mills cereal gracing our store shelves are giving us a bit of love this month.

And I don’t know about you, but it feels like they chose the perfect month to remind us about the importance of heart health. After all, February is already all about love and romance (also known as hearts and flowers) thanks to Valentine’s Day. So giving us heart shaped cereal just feels rather fitting.

Cheerios promotes heart health with heart-shaped cereal

Of course, it’s not just the cereal on the shelves that we have to appreciate this month, as according to a press email we received from the brand, they will also be giving away boxes of their Honey Nut Cheerios for free.

In order to redeem your free box of cereal, there is a website you’ll want to visit in order to receive information on how to claim your rebate. Of course, this offer is only good while supplies last, but it is definitely worth taking advantage of if you are a Cheerios fan (or anyone who eats this cereal every day).

We love that Cheerios is giving us heart-shaped cereal in time for Valentine’s Day for a lot of reasons. Not only can we incorporate this into our attempts at romance, but we can also appreciate the fact that we are being reminded to be more heart conscious.

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Have you seen the heart shaped cereal on shelves? Will you be grabbing a box this month? Tell us in the comments.