Red Vines even make the perfect straw this summer

Red Vines Made Simple Packages. Image courtesy of American Licorice Company.
Red Vines Made Simple Packages. Image courtesy of American Licorice Company. /

When it comes to a great sweet treat, we love flavorful licorice. And Red Vines certainly delivers when it comes to delicious licorice treats. But do you know different ways you can enjoy these licorice sticks besides just eating them?

In a fun email we received from the American Licorice Company, we were teased with an amazing idea – to use Red Vines as drinking straws! But how would this work and would it work?

We had to test this out and see if Red Vines could really be used as a fun summer straw.

Red Vines pull double duty this summer as a sweet treat and a delicious straw for our drinks

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If you want to have some fun this summer, you may want to snag a few different packs of Red Vines in different flavors such as Grape or Original Red. And not only are they great for eating, but you can snip off the ends and turn them into fun, edible straws for our cold drinks this summer.

While it may not be the right straw for a thicker drink like a slushy or a smoothie, that doesn’t mean it won’t work for an ice cold lemonade or some other juicy mix. And honestly, it was so much fun sipping a drink in the sun through my Red Vines and then snacking on it afterwards. Seriously, forget about paper or plastic when it comes to straws this summer, make it a licorice straw!

Of course, even if you don’t want to use your Red Vines as a straw, this is still an amazing treat, especially if you snag their Red Vines Made Simple, which are made with real sugar and are more natural. They still have all the flavor of traditional Red Vines, but with less of the artificial flavoring, so the flavor doesn’t hit the taste buds immediately, but develops over time.

Red Vines make a great snack and a great straw, and if that doesn’t convince you to snag a pack or two this summer, I don’t know what will.

General Mills is making sure we have all the snacks and treats we need this summer. dark. Next

Are you a fan of Red Vines? Have you ever used them as a straw? What’s your favorite flavor of licorice? Let us know in the comments below Guilty Eaters.