Jimmy John’s announces pair of new summer wraps

Jimmy John's. Photo courtesy Jimmy John's
Jimmy John's. Photo courtesy Jimmy John's /

It has always been true that if you are looking for a slightly healthier food option, a wrap is usually a pretty good choice. It normally includes everything you would get in a salad but all wrapped up (hence the name) in a nice warm flour tortilla. Jimmy John’s always embraced this idea and has run with it.

With summer firmly upon us, Jimmy John’s is once again upping their wrap game. This time they are taking a pair of summer salad favorites and putting them in wrap form so you can fool your brain into thinking you’re being healthy.

Those summer-lovin’ (bonus points if you sang that when you read it) folks at Chewboom are reporting that Jimmy John’s has announced two new wraps which will be available until the end of the summer. Both will only be available until August 22, so when the weather turns chilly they will both be gone.

One new wrap is called the Chicken Caesar Wrap and the other is called the Beefy Ranch Wrap. And both sound like they could be winners with the Jimmy John’s crowd.

Both new Jimmy John’s wraps make eating a summer salad way more fun.

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The Caesar Chicken Wrap includes seasoned chicken, parmesan cheese, ranch dressing, mayo, lettuce, tomato, Caesar dressing (obviously) and croutons all wrapped up in a garlic and herb wrap.

Meanwhile, if you want to get your carnivore on, the Beefy Ranch Wrap includes roast beef, cheddar cheese, mayo, ranch dressing, onion, lettuce, tomato and cucumber all inside a flour wrap.

Both of those sound pretty amazing and while we don’t think either has a heck of a lot in common with a salad, they still sound really good. And what’s summer without a bit of indulgence? But get them while you can because as we mentioned, they are only going to be on the menu for a limited time.

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What are your thoughts Guilty Eaters? Do either of those sound good to you? Or do you prefer your salad in a bowl? Leave a comment below and let us know or join the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook pages.