Mosh is the tasty protein bar that benefits our brains

Mosh The Brain Brand bars. Image courtesy of Mosh
Mosh The Brain Brand bars. Image courtesy of Mosh /

In its first release, Mosh proved popular enough to sell out. But not only does the site let us know it will be back, but after tasting it we can’t imagine it not returning to satisfy our hunger.

But you probably have no clue what we are talking about when we mention Mosh – The Brain Brand. And that’s okay, because we have the answer. Mosh is a brand new protein bar brand that is all about our brain health. And the fact that it tastes good too is a bonus we can’t help but appreciate.

In the press email we received, we learned all about this protein bar brand that saw its debut on September 21, which is also World Alzheimer’s Day. In the release, we learned that this protein bar launch for MOSH was “their first product line of protein bars featuring brain-boosting superfoods, adaptogens and nutrients selected by leading brain health doctors.”

And that’s awesome, because we love a protein bar that does more than just satisfy our hunger pangs. But the real question for when Mosh is available to purchase again is how does it taste.

Our thoughts on Mosh protein bars and their overall taste

Sometimes protein bars are more disappointing than delicious. But with these new brain approved bars, we are getting a real treat. Not only does it have ingredients that even doctors seem to approve of, but it actually tasted pretty good.

In the trial pack, you received Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate Crunch, and Peanut Butter Crunch. And honestly, both of the bars with peanut butter ended up being winners. They had a nice flavor that wasn’t fake or chalky, like some protein and health bars seem to deliver. Plus, the portion was actually satisfying, which is always something we hope for when snagging one of these bars.

While Mosh might be sold out right now, we think it is worth signing up for a notice when it is back in stock. From their brain boosting properties to their ability to satisfy our taste buds, these bars are definitely worth adding to your healthy snack rotation.

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Have you heard about Mosh yet? Are you a fan of protein bars? Will you give these a try when they are back in stock? We want to know.