Easter 2022: 14 Easter candies and chocolates not to skip out on this year

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA - 2015/04/02: Easter eggs and Easter candies variations taken during the traditional Easter Christian Holiday in a Candian household. (Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)
TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA - 2015/04/02: Easter eggs and Easter candies variations taken during the traditional Easter Christian Holiday in a Candian household. (Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

Welcome to Easter of 2022! Lot’s of Easter baskets are being made, that’s for sure, which means lots of different candies, peeps, and chocolates will be bought as well!

What are your personal favorite Easter candies? How about chocolates? We will be breaking down for you the top 14 in general, that being 7 in each of the two different categories.

Please be sure to engage in the conversation with us on Twitter and down below in the comments so we can discuss and debate about the best Easter candies and chocolates that life has to offer!

Which Easter candies and chocolates will reign supreme? Let’s find out!

Top 7 Easter Candies

In no particular order, here is one half of the list, the top seven Easter candies not to miss or skip out on this year (or any year for that matter)!

All of these can be found at your local Target!

1. Jelly Beans

Starburst Jelly Beans vs. Brach’s Jelly Beans

This, for me, is the lifelong debate that will just simply never go away. These two particular brands of jelly beans couldn’t be more different, actually.

Starburst Jelly Beans are super fruity-tasting and taste almost exactly like you’re eating the actual Starburst (key word on almost). Brach’s Jelly Beans on the other hand are super jumbo and taste so classic and nostalgic that you just have to buy them to put out in a little dish on Easter Sunday!

2. Skittles

Impossible Egg Hunt Variety

Now, I’ve never personally seen these before for myself, but they do look super cool. There’s no special sort of Easter flavor to them, per say, however, the packaging itself is slightly different and definitely gives name to their variety of an Impossible Egg Hunt.

Say you hide candy in the lawn. Turn over your fun-sized Skittles pack, and it’s got grass on the packaging to blend in. Say you hide candy on a blacktop type of surface. Turn over your fun=sized Skittles pack to blend in with that as well. Frustrate the kids and entertain the adults alike!

3. The Mandalorian: Candy-Filled Eggs

If you’ve got some Star Wars or Mandalorian fans in your family, then this is definitely on the must-have list of Easter candies to get this year for them.

It comes in a pack of 14 different eggs, all with a different Mandalorian-themed design on them. Inside are those classic small, hard, and multicolored candies that you see every year. Somewhere along the lines of the quality of a candy necklace, but still delicious.

4. SweetTARTS

Easter Egg Hunt Variety

Although this particular product is branded as being a part of SweetTARTS, the bag pack as a whole also contains Laffy Taffy and Nerds (on top of the SweetTARTS that is, of course).

The whole concept is kind of cool. It comes with pre-filled plastic eggs and you get a total of 12 candy-filled plastic eggs (and they’re not labeled, so you never know what kind of candy you’ll get.

5. Haribo Happy Hoppers

Don’t worry – the shape definitely doesn’t change the taste, let me tell you. It’s the same Haribo gummy bear flavors that we all know and love, just in a different shape as Bunnies – that’s all!

You can get bigger bags, tiny bags perfect for hiding in some classic plastic and pastel Easter eggs, or even in a Happy Chicks variety as well. Then, just enjoy!

6. Bunnies, Chicks & Eggs

These are gummy candies, just in case you’re like me and had absolutely never even heard of these before. They look super creamy and delicious and come in a variety of different colors (they all do taste the same, however, so don’t expect anything different like I personally might have).

They are a perfect size to fit inside eggs and your belly, so choose wisely, y’all!

7. Nerds Rope: Easter-Themed

I genuinely feel like most candies have a variety for just about any and every holiday. Some are differently flavored and some are just colored differently but taste the name regardless.

As far as the Nerds Rope goes, instead of it’s normal super bright colored candies, they opted for a more white/pastel sort of look, perfect for the Easter bunny to hop one right into your baskets!

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Top 7 Easter Chocolates

In no particular order, here is the other half of the list, the top seven Easter chocolates not to miss or skip out on this year (or any year for that matter)!

All of these can also be found at your local Target!

1. M & M’s: Crunchy Cookie

Now, I saw these for the very first time the other day. Given that the Crispy variety of normal flavored M & M’s are my absolute fave (no bother even arguing with me on that one over here), I just knew that I had to try these.

They have the same texture as the regular crispy variety of the classic chocolate mini candies, but they are pastel-colored. Whether these are around for Easter or for life, try them out for sure!

2. Reese’s Pieces: Shake and Break

Don’t worry, we’ll get to the regular Reese’s shaped cups in just a second over here, but for now, this chocolate is actually interactive! Enjoy the M & M sort of style to America and beyond’s favorite chocolate PB flavor combo? You’ve gotta smash the egg in order to enjoy them!

Break it open with kids or adults, as I’m sure we will all enjoy no matter our age!

3. White Chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups


We all know good and well that the shapes taste better than the normal cups. While the Christmas Trees are my personal favorite Reese’s shape, they all beat the classic shape, no holds bar.

Anyways……before meeting my lovely boyfriend, Frank, I never really dabbled in white chocolate Reese’s product of any kind. Come our first Easter spent together just over four years ago and boom I am hooked! They are way better than the regular no questions asked, even though I would love to at least try a dark chocolate egg (even though it has a zero percent chance of even merely trying to compete with the classic yet super sweet and super delicious white chocolate varieties!

4. Mini Robin’s Eggs

Whether you love Whoppers or you hate Whoppers, because let’s be honest here, there just simply is no in between stage of this particular candy, you always seem to have these in your house around this time, or at least know someone who does. And yes, we all reach for them no matter our personal preferences (mine is loving, absolutely loving Whoppers).

They come in huge bags, the absolute best little personal sized cartons, and even in that classic Reese’s Pieces carrot-shaped bag packaging as well!

5. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs

I don’t think I’ve ever tried this particular brand before, however I have tried the Russel Stover’s brand, in both Easter eggs and Santa shaped varieties.

I can imagine this will only taste even better given the rich and super delicious quality of Hershey’s classic milk chocolate. Make these in both dark and most importantly white chocolate varieties, and then we can talk! Listen up, Hershey’s! Give us dark but first white chocolate marshy eggs!

6. Fruity Pebbles White Chocolate Eggs

Talk about a brand stinkin’ new product alert over here! Alert, alert, folks! Basically, what these remind me of, in terms of just the packaging alone, are the Hershey’s Cookies and Cream foil wrapped mini egg-shaped chocolates.

They are made with white chocolate of course, and do actually feature and come with tiny little cereal pieces inside of them. Don’t fancy fruit? Try the Cocoa Pebbles variety with milk chocolate too – as I’m sure…both are probably just as equally delicious – if not then it’s super duper close!

7. M & M’s: Honey Graham

First of all…ooh! This flavor sounds absolutely delish and like a brand new edition to my Summer vacation Campfire S’mores up in Door County if I’ve ever seen one!

Second of all…let’s dive just a bit more deep into this seemingly brand new flavor of M & M’s over here. The bag claims to have a crispy rice center. If they are anything like the crispy or crunchy varieties, then I am so in and just give me a bag and leave me along. That. Is. All.

light. Hot. LET'S RANK OREOS TOGETHER! Oreos: Which flavors can stay and which can go?!

What is your personal favorite Easter candy? Easter chocolate? Have you tried any of these new products?! Let’s chat! And as always, Happy Easter everyone – be safe!