Cool off with Cooloo cocktail pops

Cooloo Cocktail Pops. Image courtesy Cooloo
Cooloo Cocktail Pops. Image courtesy Cooloo /

Although it’s not yet officially summer, as the temps heat up there’s nothing like a frozen treat to cool off with. While popsicles and Bomb Pops may be great for the kiddos, we adults may want something a little more upscale. Fortunately, Cooloo Cocktail Pops has the solution.

Cooloo Cocktail Pops blend the satisfaction of a frozen ice pop with the enjoyment of an adult cocktail. The pops are infused with vodka or rum and, after frozen, have a sorbet-like texture. The pops come in a portable canister with a twist off top. Each canister holds 12 pops and retails between $18.99 to $23.99 a canister. The variety pack canister comes with four flavors; the first four listed below. According to a press email that was shared with us, the pops come in five flavors:

"Mai Tai: This seductive beat of fruity citrus and grenadine, rolling over waves of rum in the afterglow of warm, orgeat-style natural almond essence, is a classic tropical treat with a sweet, aromatic profile.Pina Colada: Think creamy coconut and fragrant ripe pineapple blended with rum for an alcoholic cocktail you’ll reach for over and over.Paloma: Refreshing ruby-red grapefruit is perked up with a blast of citrus lime in a tequila-style alcoholic cocktail pop. Elsa’s got nothing on this frozen queen!Gin & Tonic: Harmonious blends of poetic gin with subtly bitter tonic and a splash of lime.Cosmo: Brilliant cranberry, triple-sec orange and bright lime notes are blended with premium 6x distilled vodka. Getting starry-eyed yet?"

Cooloo Cocktail Pops will help you cool off this summer!

Cooloo Cocktail Pops also has a limited summer-release collection that includes Strawberry Daiquiri, Paradise Island, Mojito and Happy Bay Twist flavored pops. This collection will only be available until September, so you have to get this one soon!

We were able to sample these pops and have concluded that these will be a summer staple. They arrive unfrozen and need to be put in a freezer for a minimum of eight hours. We found that some flavors froze more solid than others. Regardless, they were all cold and refreshing! The alcohol taste was not overpowering. And they were all sweet, and most have a fruity flavor.

These pops are made with pure cane sugar, natural flavors and real spirits. Each pop is 5% ABV. They are sold in a canister of twelve pops and are available in either single flavors or a variety pack. They can be purchased at select retailers throughout the country and online.

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Guilty Eaters, have you ever tried a frozen cocktail pop? Which flavor of Cooloo Cocktail Pops do you want to try?