The best foods to gift via mail and why

It can be hard to find a thoughtful gift for the ones we love. When searching for the best foods to gift via mail, you can’t go wrong when sending someone a food basket. Whether it is a luxury chocolate box, a meal delivery subscription to make cooking easier, or even a bottle of red wine, it is sure to “wow’ the receiver.

Whether it is a friend, relative or significant other, there are many foods to gift via mail for any occasion you may be celebrating. Food is a big part of the holiday season and one of the reasons family gathers together. Sending food shows the love and appreciation we have for our loved ones since it emphasizes we care that they are fed or indulging in a luxury item.

No matter if someone is a cheese, coffee or sweets lover, there is sure to be a food gift idea to match your loved one’s preferences. These are the best foods to gift via mail and why.

Foods to gift via mail

Regarding food gift ideas, there is no shortage of options to choose from. You can choose from various perishable to nonperishable presents for the loved one you are gifting. Here are some of the best mail order food gift ideas of 2022.


Sweet treats are a go-to gift for any occasion. There are endless options to choose from, whether they are classics like chocolates or more specific to the liking of whoever you are gifting it to. Here are some ideas to spark inspiration for giving sweets.

Chocolates. For the chocolate obsessed friend, nothing will delight them more than a delivery of their favorite sweet treats. Chocolate is an excellent option since there are so many variations of what you can get. You can customize whether it is white, dark or milk chocolate and even the items that can get covered in chocolate. Aside from the traditional solid chocolate, you can add in chocolate-covered pretzels, strawberries, marshmallows or even something outside the box like potato chips and beef jerky. With chocolate, the choices never end.

Cookie dough. Nothing brings you back to your childhood like the sensation of looking the soon of cookie dough. There are now options for edible cookie dough, which do not include eggs so you can eat it right out of the jar. There are many unique flavors like a cinnamon roll, sugar and spice and the classic chocolate chip. The best part about it is you can bake it to make a traditional cookie if you are not feeling the dough at the moment.

Cake bites. If you want to try some different than a typical cake or cupcake, you can gift cake bites. It is the perfect bit-sized treat for anyone. There are endless amounts of flavors to choose from and you can even customize the decorations of them as well to make them more personal.


Sending a fruity gift is always a pleasant surprise to the receiver. You can go with a traditional fruit basket or try something new and exciting. Here are some fresh fruity gift ideas.

Dried fruit. If your loved one is someone who enjoys a healthy treat, dried fruit is a thoughtful idea. There are many nutritional and health benefits to them that any health enthusiast would appreciate. Fruits are one of the best foods to eat for cancer prevention and luckily, dried fruits have the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruits.

Sending dried fruits as a gift through the mail is an excellent option since they are non-perishable food. This means they are not refrigerated so they can stay fresh longer and are safe at room temperature, which is essential when sending food gifts in the mail.

Fruit arrangement. Getting fruit as a treat is a gift in itself but getting it as an arrangement with fun shapes can elevate the experience. They come in many sizes with a plethora of different fruits. You can even get some chocolate covered for an even sweeter treat.


Not everyone is into sweet options and that is perfectly fine. There are many kinds of savory options you can send your loved one. These are some unique, tasty options to send as a gift.

Cheese collection. Receiving cheese as a gift is like a cocktail party in a box. There are so many types of cheeses that your loved one can indulge in. Maybe they are a charcuterie board connoisseur looking for new cheeses to try in their creations. You can send creamy brie, tangy English cheddar and more to pair with sides like crackers or almonds.

No matter the pairing or cheese preference they prefer, there is sure to be a collection for them to send as the perfect gift.

Hot sauce subscription. This is the gift that keeps on giving. If your loved one is a hot sauce lover, this is the perfect food gift idea via mail. We all have someone we know who puts hot sauce on everything. Now you can ensure they have something new to try right at their door.

Try food gift ideas this year

Whether you or your loved ones are far away, sending gifts through the mail reminds them you are still thinking of them. Food gifts are great since they can be personalized to your loved ones liking. Try out these food gift ideas for the ones you love most.