Bourbon Whiskey Oreos are fake, but they should be real

Inject this prank directly into my veins.
Hand holding an old fashioned glass with whisky on the rocks...
Hand holding an old fashioned glass with whisky on the rocks... / Roberto Machado Noa/GettyImages

As we’ve detailed extensively here at Guilty Eats, Oreo is known to come up with some wild new flavors. Some make total sense, like Churro Oreos, or Dirt Cake and Tiramisu. Others are head-scratchers, like the recent Sour Patch Oreos. So you’ll be forgiven if you saw a recent viral post touting Bourbon Whiskey Oreos, and wondered: are these real or fake?

Sad to say, they are in fact a prank. But if Oreo made Bourbon Whiskey Oreos, I would somehow figure out a way to inject them directly into my veins.

The prank is actually almost two months old at this point, launched – appropriately – on April 1 (aka, April Fools’ Day) by the Instagram account DadBodSnacks. In it, he 100% cops to it being a prank, saying, “Also, this pic is obviously fake and would never happen but the alcoholic snack monster inside of me made me do it and now that I think about it, I’m not mad.”

And while the logo looks like it was added later, the rest of the image is very clearly AI generated, given the text throughout is absolute gobbledygook. If I had to guess, the account probably asked for “Oreo package next to glass of whiskey,” and then added the “Bourbon Whiskey Oreo” logo after – because even the “Nabisco” on the package looks like utter nonsense.

Despite clearly being AI generated, it’s been fooling people online for at least two months now, including a semi-popular post over on the SnacksUnhinged account.

Full disclosure: I hate AI. It is theft of images, and in case I haven’t mentioned enough, the swill it generates A) looks bad, and B) is absolute nonsense that’s further diluting how we interact with the internet and each other.

But. But! It’s also pretty clear this is a great idea for a flavor that would be absolutely delicious? I don’t think Oreo would ever make these, because they make, you know, cookies for children. But at the same time, Rum Raisin is a relatively popular ice cream flavor that exists. Irish Whiskey is another ice cream flavor, which also exists. So why not alcohol-tasting cookies, as well?

The closest Oreo has ever come to something like this was the limited edition Root Beer Float Oreos, which were delicious. Why not take that extra step and remove the “root” and then switch “beer” for “bourbon.” See? It’s that easy.

Anyway, just to loop back to where we started, no, Bourbon Whiskey Oreos are not real. Yes, I would absolutely eat them – and maybe will dip some Oreos in Bourbon and see what happens. But also, please, I beg all of you, look at images for longer than half a second. If the words on a package aren’t even in any recognizable language? You’re probably looking at a fake.

Now the Star Wars Oreos on sale today? Those are 100% real. As is Star Wars.

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