This AAPI-owned snack brand is putting the spotlight on veggies that don't get enough love

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Did you think snacking was inherently unhealthy? Think again. Plant-based snacking just got easier, putting the spotlight on underloved veggies like mushrooms and showing they can show up delicious. It’s all in the magic of each bag of Popadelics. 

You really can have it all — fabulous flavor, convenience and good health — all in one delicious snack. Read on to discover your latest foodie obsession until you can get your hands on a bag.

What Are Popadelics?

Popadelics are a new kind of chip that doesn’t come from potatoes. They’re the brainchild of Marilyn Yang, who drew upon her childhood culinary experiences merged with American culture. Once upon a time, people made fun of her for her “weird” food choices, but they enjoy the fruits of her labor today.

What makes Popadelics magical? Shiitake mushrooms take over where boring potatoes leave you dry. These fungi are staples of Asian cuisine and account for roughly 25% of the world’s mushroom production. It’s little wonder — they have some impressive properties. As the brand grows, Yang hopes to add more underloved veggies to the test as ingredients for innovative new products that tickle your taste buds while enhancing your health.

What’s So Healthy About Popadelics and Shiitake Mushrooms?

Shiitake mushrooms are revered in Asian cuisine for their unique taste and their nutritional benefits. For example, they’re one of the best sources of vitamin D, which plays a crucial role in several bodily functions. For instance, it boosts immunity, helping you ward off spring colds as the seasons change.

Vitamin D also plays a critical role in calcium absorption, a mineral necessary for promoting bone health and warding off osteoporosis. Osteopenia, this condition’s precursor, affects over 34 million Americans and often results from either a calcium or vitamin D deficiency. It’s especially tough to get enough in the winter for those who live above 37 degrees of latitude, as the sun isn’t strong enough for your body to produce this substance naturally.

Here are some additional health benefits of shiitake mushrooms that will have you digging into a bag of Popadelics:

  • Antioxidant: Shiitake mushrooms are rich in various antioxidants that reduce your risk of multiple diseases, including heart disease and cancer. 
  • Antiviral: Shiitake mushrooms have demonstrated antiviral properties against several strains in lab tests. 
  • Anti-diabetic: Shiitake mushrooms in the right amounts may stabilize your blood sugar. 
  • Liver protection: Shiitake mushrooms reduce levels of enzymes indicating liver damage in rats.
  • Lower cholesterol: Shiitake mushrooms may further slash heart disease risk by decreasing the fatty deposits in your blood. 

Best Sauces to Enjoy With Popadelics

Popadelics already come in three fabulous flavors: 

  • Trippin’ Truffle Parm
  • Twisted Thai Chili 
  • Rad Rosemary and Salt

However, one of these best sauces can make your snack even more indulgent. Can’t get enough of the heat? Marry cheese and fire for a Mexican-Asian fusion snack by dipping Trippin’ Truffle Parm Popadelics into Taco Bell’s mild or hot sauce. Another alternative? Cool your taste buds with the Twisted Thai Chili with their creamy avocado ranch.

What if you aren’t a fan of green sauce? You can’t get much more American than Taylor Swift and Travis Kelse, so dip some Rad Rosemary and Salt Popadelics into this limited edition Traylor Sauce to commemorate their recent Superbowl appearance. If you can’t find the sauce on shelves, mix up some DIY at home — it’s obviously ketchup and seemingly ranch, although they’re mum on the exact percentages.

How to Elevate Your Sandwich With Popadelics

Want to learn how to elevate your sandwich? Add a different crunch by topping it with Popadelics. Simply wrap some up with your chicken and romaine to add new flavor to a Caesar wrap or sprinkle them on a steak sandwich instead of boring canned mushrooms. 

Of course, you can also elevate your sandwich with a handful of Popadelics on the side. However, we think you’ll feel inspired to try some exciting new flavor combinations like these:

  • Heat up a classic pastrami and rye with a sprinkling of Twisted Thai Chili 
  • Make a roasted veggie Mediterranean wrap with grilled tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and Rad Rosemary and Salt 
  • Take your next grilled cheese to a crunchy new level with Trippin’ Truffle Parm.

Where You Can Buy Popadelics

Finding Popadelics is easier than you think. Just stop into any one of the nationwide Sprouts locations to pickup a bag or a variety pack. You can also find them at other select groceries — or submit a request form to get them in stock. You can also find them online at Amazon and

Popadelics are certified gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO. It’s way past time for a snack that you can feel good about eating instead of guilty.

Popadelics, a Female-Founded AAPI-Owned Snack Brand Making Underloved Veggies Delicious

Mushrooms get far too little love for all the goodness they give. So do the contributions of many women and those of Asian heritage. Why not ring in AAPI Heritage Month deliciously in May by treating yourself to one or more bags of Popadelics?

Whether you try them with one of the best sauces or use them to elevate your sandwich, Popadelics bring fun, variety, convenience and health to your diet. Move over, potatoes — the hot new snack source in town is shiitakes.

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Next. Heinz adds new limited-edition Traylor sauce for all fans. Heinz adds new limited-edition Traylor sauce for all fans. dark